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AAA Membership

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AAA Membership

We have all been there before. You are driving down a highway, possibly far away from home you have locked your keys in your vehicle. Your first instinct is to panic and your next thought might be to call AAA. If you are a member, it might be a no brainer to contact the company, but if you have yet to take the plunge and invest in an AAA membership, you could feel very alone out on the remote highway. If you have ever been curious about AAA, let us set your mind at ease and answer a few questions about the company.

Does AAA Unlock Cars?

AAA is an excellent service to have if you intend on traveling or have limited availability from friends and family should an unfortunate problem occur while out on the road. Generally, AAA is the service you can contact if you lock your keys in your vehicle, have a flat tire, or any number of other vehicle related issues. AAA’s unlock service is generated by local locksmiths, so the type of service you receive will be drastically affected by where you are at. Upon getting a call that the keys are locked in the vehicle or the vehicle is inaccessible for the client, AAA will contact the closest available AAA approved locksmith to gain access to the vehicle.

Are there Any Concerns with AAA Locksmith Service?

Car locks can be different depending on the make, model, and age of the vehicle. Older models with manual locks tend to be easier to manage, but modern locks are also accessible through AAA approved locksmith services. There have been some concerns in the past with wiring issues with modern, electric locks, but should you encounter such an issue, a quality locksmith will likely fix any damage to the vehicle that was incurred while performing the service.

Will AAA Help Unlock My Car Door if I Am Not a Member?

Sadly, the answer to this is no. AAA is a membership organization and the reason they can provide multiple services to clients. Members pay a small annual fee based on their need and have access to a variety of services depending on the level of membership they choose. Classic, Plus, and Premier options are available ranging in price from $68 To $131 annual fee.

What Happens if They Are Unable to Unlock the Car Door?

Locksmiths used by AAA are the best in the business. Not every locksmith makes the grade to become AAA approved, so it is unlikely this scenario will ever take place. However, if AAA is unable to unlock your car door for any reason, they will likely contact the original manufacturer of the vehicle to come up with a solution. In the most dire emergency, the manufacturer can recut a key for your specific make and model of the vehicle. A great piece of advice for any vehicle owner is to write down the serial number for the lock your door panel and keep it in a place outside the vehicle, wallet or purse. In the instance that the locksmith is unable to unlock the door, this information can prove vital for gaining access to the vehicle.

What Other Services Do They Offer?

AAA is a nationwide organization with members throughout the United States. AAA has expanded their services from just unlocking doors to a variety of options ideal for all driving patrons. Whether you travel often for business or pleasure, or just prefer to have someone available for a little assistance on the roadway, AAA is here to help. Here are just some of their available services.

Flat Tire Services – The average motorist generally knows how to change a tire, but sometimes a blowout or flat tire occurs on a busy highway or in an area that is not conducive to safely changing the tire. AAA offers flat tire services for all levels of membership provided you have an available spare for the job.

Battery Service – A dead battery can leave you stranded, sometimes in remote areas with little available help. Jumper cables are standard vehicle emergency equipment, but there is not always someone around the offer their battery support. AAA offers a battery jump for all levels of membership.

Fuel Delivery – If you have ever run out of gas, you understand the hassle of finding someone to help you out. For those that have a Classic AAA membership, fuel delivery services are available, but you will have to pay for any fuel brought to your vehicle. Plus and Premier members enjoy free fuel should they run out.

Car Rental Services – Renting a car is not a problem if you are a member of AAA. Many car rental places offer a significant discount for members, but if you happen to be a premier member, you have the option of a free one day car rental.

Passport Photos – AAA has extended their services far beyond simply changing a tire or jumping off a battery to include passport photos as well. Classic members have to pay a small fee for passport photos, while plus members receive up to 2 free sets per year. Premier members can get unlimited passport photos each year.

Towing Services – Towing is included in all AAA memberships, but length of towing and the number of tows available each year do vary by membership level. Classic members can get 4 tows per year up to 5 miles each. Plus members receive up to 4 tows per year with 100 miles each, and premier members can get one tow up to 200 miles and an additional 3 tows annually up to 100 miles each.

Do They Charge for These Services?

As stated previously, yes, AAA does charge an annual fee for these services, but with the rising costs of individual vehicle services and the increased amount of drivers on the road these days, it pays to have someone available when unfortunate circumstances arise. From locksmith services to a variety of other available service options, AAA is there for you.

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