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Adam’s UV Ceramic Paint Coating Kit Review

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If you want to keep your vehicle’s paint looking great without spending a ton of money, a ceramic coating will protect the exterior without breaking the bank. The purpose of ceramic coating is to be a protective layer for the vehicle’s paint.

It won’t repair existing paint damage but it will prevent more from occurring. You can take your vehicle to a professional detailing shop or do it yourself at home. It is less expensive than going to a professional and you can get the same amazing looking results.

With Adam’s UV Ceramic Paint Coating Kit you get everything you need to protect your vehicle’s exterior and keep it looking great. The kit comes with three types of coatings, each with a different purpose.

What is Adam’s UV Ceramic Paint Coating Kit

If this is your first time applying a ceramic coat to your vehicle, you’ll need a kit. Even if you’re familiar with the process, a kit is still a handy thing to have. Everything from the coating to cloths is included. What makes the difference with this kit is Adam’s UV ceramic coating.

Adam’s ceramic coatings are known for the high-gloss finish and protection. Now you can be positive that the entire exterior is coated. You follow the same three step application process, only with an extra step. The kit comes with a UV light that you shine across all the places you applied coating to. You’ll be able to instantly spot missing or uneven areas before the coating finishes drying.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars at a detail shop, you can give your vehicle the same professional appearance with Adam’s UV ceramic kit.

Features of Adam’s UV Ceramic Paint

The clear nanocrystalline coating will effectively protect your vehicle from UV rays and chemicals. It also repels water, mud, snow, and other containments that can dull or scratch the paint. Even in the harshest environments, the UV ceramic coating can protect the paint on your vehicle for five years or more. This ceramic paint from Adam’s is rated for 9H hardness and promises to provide full exterior coverage.

While it’s 9H hardness rating puts this ceramic coating at the top of its class, it’s the “ceramic glow technology” that sets it apart from the competition. This patent-pending technology allows you to see any misses or uneven spots with the aid of a UV light. Your DIY ceramic coating will look like it was done by a professional.

Another great feature is the ceramic coating is hydrophobic. Not only will your vehicle’s paint be protected from dirt, dust, and bonded containments but also water spots. The coating prevents water from pooling, instead liquids bead and slide smoothly away. You won’t even have to give the vehicle a quick wipe down, it will look like the water was never there.

Adam’s UV Ceramic Coating is made in the U.S.A., and it comes with a satisfaction guarantee. The company prides themselves on their ability to provide exceptional customer service, and will do everything they can to resolve any complaint.


  • Durable clear nanocrystalline coating with a top hardness rating of 9H.
  • Repels dust, dirt, water, chemicals, and other containments.
  • Can protect a vehicle’s exterior paint for five plus years, on average.
  • Comes with UV tracking patent-pending technology
  • Easy to apply

How to Use Adam’s UV Ceramic Paint Coating Kit

Sometimes, getting a kit of anything can be a little intimidating. This is especially true if it’s your first time using a product. With Adam’s UV ceramic paint coating kit there’s nothing to worry about, it’s incredibly easy to use, even for first-timers.

The first step is to open the kit. In it you’ll find,

  1. 50ml bottle of UV ceramic paint
  2. 4oz bottle of Ceramic Boost
  3. 4oz bottle of Surface Prep
  4. Prep towels
  5. Removal/Buff towels
  6. Micro-silk applicator
  7. Pair of gloves

Once you’re familiar with the products it’s time to give your vehicle a new, shiny appearance. Before you start to apply the ceramic paint coating you’ll want to ensure that the vehicle is clean and completely dry. It’s recommended that you park the vehicle in a cool and dry space. Garages are a great option. Wherever you choose, ensure that it has good ventilation. These products do contain chemicals that can be harmful when inhaled.

Step One

Take a prep towel and the 4oz bottle of Surface Prep. Folding the towel into fourths, take the Surface Prep and wipe down all the residue left behind from waxes and protective films. The compound gently cleans and degreases the area without damaging the paint. For best results spritz the liquid directly onto the vehicle’s exterior.

Step Two

Now that the exterior is completely clean and free from containments, it’s time to put on the included gloves. Once your hands are covered, remove the ceramic paint bottle from the protective packaging, attach the micro-silk applicator, and begin applying it to the vehicle’s surface.

You want to work the ceramic coating into the area, making sure to completely cover it. Experts recommend using a cross-hatch motion when applying the coating. The two passes overlap and cut down on missed spaces. At intervals throughout the process, take time to run a UV light over the surface to ensure full and even coverage.

Step Three

Once the vehicle’s exterior paint is fully coated, you’ll want to remove the pack of removal towels. This soft fabric will effectively buff off the coating, leaving a bright shine behind. You’ll start by folding the towels into fourths and applying minimal pressure as you buff the coating off.

After the coating is removed, it will still need to “cure” for 24 hours. This means keeping it covered and out of the elements, including sunlight. By doing this, you’ll get the best results from the ceramic coating.

Step Four

This step is optional but only takes a few minutes, and will give an added “pop” to the shine. Take the small bottle of Adam’s Ceramic Boost and spray it on top of the coating. The additional layer of silica enhances the shine from the ceramic paint.

Advantages and Disadvantages

With any product there is at least one disadvantage and this applies to Adam’s UV Ceramic Paint Coating Kit. You do need to carefully buff out any imperfections, for example residue from soft car wax. If you don’t, it will be permanently sealed to the vehicle’s paint.

However, this isn’t a disadvantage if you thoroughly remove any dust, dirt, and other debris before applying the ceramic coat.

There are several advantages to using Adam’s UV ceramic paint coating that include it’s ease of use and high-quality formula. It is safe to use by non-professional car detailers in their garage. You get the same enhanced depth, gloss, and high-polish shine as you do from a professional, only for a fraction of the cost.

Adam’s UV ceramic coat can provide over five years of protection and has a top hardness rating of 9H. You even get enough product from a single kit for two complete applications. With one purchase, you can protect your vehicle’s paint up to, and over ten years.

Common Questions About UV Ceramic Paint

  1. Will move layers of ceramic coating provide better protection?

Applying another layer or two of Adam’s UV ceramic paint coating will add protection, but it’s important to be careful. Anymore than two or three layers will cause your vehicle to look dull and tacky, without really boosting the protection any higher.

  1. Will the coating “glow” after being under UV light?

The paint coating will not glow under all UV light. It is fluorescent and only glows under 395 NM UV light. Glow-in-the-dark items are phosphorescent and only “light-up” for a few minutes. The UV technology in the ceramic paint ensures that it continually glows under a specific light. This gives you plenty of time to go back over missed areas when you’re applying the coating.

  1. Does the glowing effect fade to indicate the coating is wearing thin?

The glow can fade over time but this does not necessarily indicate the coating needs to be reapplied. If it’s only been a few months or even a couple of years, you still have plenty of coating protecting your vehicle’s paint.

If it has been several years since you’ve applied a fresh coating, it could indicate that it’s time for a new application. The best advice is to keep track of the applications and go from there.

In Conclusion

You can protect your vehicle’s paint and give it a sleek, shiny, professional appearance without paying a car detailing shop. Adam’s UV Ceramic Paint Coating Kit comes with everything you need to do the project at home.

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