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Justin Dake

Justin Dake

The first thing I remember reading as a kid is Car and Driver.

I know cars and motorcycles, their history, and their personalities. My mind's like a steel trap with this stuff. I might forget what I had for lunch, but I can remember every step of rebuilding those dual SU carburetors from 4 years ago. It's a gift and a curse.

I'm a writer and editor of high-quality print and web content. Blog posts, product descriptions, and anything in between are high-quality originals. No boilerplate filler here.

If it involves cars or motorcycles, their technology, or their history and I don't know about it, I want to. It's that passion, that genuine love for anything with wheels, which fuels my writing and speaks to your audience.

I have years of experience:

- Finding, fixing, selling, and racing cars and motorcycles through my LLC
- Managing escalated customer communications at a Fortune 100 company
- Using Excel, Word, and the Adobe Suite intensely

How many people like adrenaline AND Excel?

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