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Best LED Lights for Motorcycles 2020

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If you own a motorcycle, you might have considered installing undercarriage LED light strips to add a unique flair to your bike. However, not all LED kits are the same since they come in a variety of colors, brightness, installation type, and some are even illegal in certain states. LED light kits installation can be do-it-yourself, but we recommend consulting a professional since there is wiring involved. Check out the 7 best LED lights for motorcycles below before making that buying decision.


Things to Consider Before Buying LED Lights for Motorcycles

Since we mentioned that not all LED kits are the same, let us discuss some of things that sets them apart

  • Brightness

Before purchasing any light kit, it is best to read over the specifications and see what the indicate luminosity is of the LED strip. Many times professionals or even online customer reviews can clue you into whether or not the LED strip you are looking at will be sufficient. In addition, make sure to check if your kit comes with a fuse because while LED lights do not use a lot of power, they can still short-circuit when connected directly to the motorcycle battery.

  • How is the LED strip adhered?

Most kits are attached to the motorcycle using an adhesive backing, but not all backings provide the same adherence to the bike. We suggest again doing your research here and finding the specifications on what type of adhesive is used with the kit you are looking at buying. In addition, check to see if the LED strip is flexible because stiff sets do not adhere to the bike as well.

  • Can I get it wet?

Some LED kits are not waterproof, which can defeat the purpose of using them on your motorcycle. We guess this is because most bikers tend to avoid riding their bikes in the rain, but you can never predict bad weather so it is best to has a set that can stand up to water. If your LED lights are not waterproof, you could run the risk of shorting the circuit out and causing a fire.

  • Colors, Colors, and More Colors

To a lesser extent, color should factor into your thought process before purchasing an LED light kit. Some lights may not look appealing on your bike or may not have the same effect at night as in daylight when you most want to see the color.

  • State Laws

Probably the biggest thing to take into account before purchasing an LED kit is whether or not you can use it legally. Some states do not have specific regulations against LED undercarriage lights while others only restrict specific colors. Still others have outlawed LED lights completely. We recommend reviewing your specific state law before buying any kits.


Best LED Lights for Motorcycles

AMBOTHER 8 Pack Motorcycle LED Light Kit

The AMBOTHER 8 pack LED kit is a top-rated model that contains two 10 centimeter LED strips containing six lights, four 20 centimeter LED strips containing twelve lights, and two 30 centimeter LED strips that contain eighteen lights. This kit is capable of producing 15 solid colors that can be controlled via the wireless remote. In addition, there are several modes that the LED lights can be set at including two color cycle options, three flashing modes, and one fading option. The AMBOTHER can fit virtually any bike model including Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, and Yamaha.

  • Pros

A big pro of this model is that it comes with RGB 5050SMD LED lights that are rated for long life and also produces high quality brightness. This model is also waterproof and should hold up to various weather conditions. In addition, the LED strips have plenty of electrical line length and should allow the user to reach any part of their bike. The various lengths are also a plus because it allows the user to fit them to almost any part of the bike. Strips can also be cut down.

  • Cons

This kit comes highly rated, but one downside is that it does not include a fuse, which can adversely affect the lighting quality and compromise the safety of your bike when in use. In addition, customers complained about two major things. Some of the light colors stopped functioning after a short period of time and many had issues with the remote working properly.


AMBOTHER 12 Pack Motorcycle LED Light Kit

Another similar AMBOTHER kit as the eight pack, this model comes with two additional 10 centimeter strips and two additional 30 centimeter strips in addition to what is included in the eight pack. It is capable of producing up to 18 RGB colors and has various modes including two color cycling options, three flashing options, and one fading option. It also comes with a remote that has four buttons set for the various mode functionality. As with the eight pack, this model can also fit a variety of bikes.

  • Pros

Since this is just an expansion of the eight pack version, it has all the same pros as that model. However, the fact that it includes additional light strips in various sizes is a bonus if you are looking for more lighting and color options.

  • Cons

Surprisingly, this model had other complaints from the eight pack version. Customers found that it drained their battery significantly when on and they also expressed concerns about several of the strands arriving inoperable, which required them to return the entire kit.


SUPAREE 10 Pack LED Light Kit

This is another highly rated model that comes with the colors red, blue, green, yellow, pink, blue green, and white. The LED lights have the capability to be dimmed and can change brightness and speed when flashing. The SUPAREE kit comes with a remote, a driver, and a two piece extension cable. Each strip is 31 centimeters long and can fit on a variety of motorcycles, snowmobiles, and even trailers.

  • Pros

This model comes with additional options over the AMBOTHER kits since you can set up to four dimming setting versus the option to only fade the colors in and out. The wireless remote has four buttons just like the AMBOTHER that can be used to change the color flash settings, select the color to flash, and what option of fading/dimming you want. It is also waterproof and easy to install.

  • Cons

This is another kit that does not include a fuse although buyers did say they hooked it directly to the battery and it worked fine. Common complaints related to this model include poor wiring and that some of the strips failed in a short time. Buyers especially noted that this kit does not work well on some variety of motorcycles that have a lot of vibration because the wiring does not stay connected. In addition, several consumers noted that two or three of the strands would burn out after a few months of use.


Openuye 8 Pack LED Light Kit

The Openuye 8 pack LED light kit comes with two 10 centimeter strips, four 20 centimeter strips, and two 30 centimeter strips. The LED bulbs are 5050SMD bulbs, which are high quality, long life options. It is capable of 15 solid color modes and has a wireless remote capable of four different settings. The LED strips can be set to two separate color cycling modes, one fading mode, and three flashing modes using the included remote.

  • Pros

This kit is rated for universal fit with a variety of options including not just motorcycles, but full size vehicles and ATVs. It is easy to install and comes with a super strong adhesive backing. In addition, the Openuye is flexible and can be positioned on any part of the bike. It is also waterproof against rainy days.

  • Cons

This is another model that does not include a fuse, which again takes away from the safety factor of the unit. It requires buyers to purchase a separate fuse for their motorcycle. Consumers complained that the remote stopped working soon after purchase with this kit and also that some of the modes failed within a few rides.


DITRIO 12 Pack LED Light Kit

The DITRIO 12 pack LED light kit is a universal model that works with a variety of motorcycle brands including Ducati, Harley Davidson, and Suzuki. It includes four strands of six lights, four strands of twelve lights, and four strands of eighteen lights. The kit has three extension wires for reaching to various parts of your bike and comes with two wireless remotes. The DITRIO kit produces the colors red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, teal, white, and pink.

  • Pros

There are two major pluses of this model. It includes a fuse and also has an installation manual. This adds to the safety functionality of this kit because a fuse protects your bike from short circuit hazards and the manual ensures the lights are installed properly. In addition, this model is flexible and comes with a strong adhesive backing.

  • Cons

This model came extremely highly rated due to its added functionality and included items over other models. It had very few complaints, but of note some consumers did complain that it drained their battery and that some of the light colors stopped working within a few months.


OPT7 10 Pack Aura LED Light Kit

The Aura LED light kit actually comes in a two strip count options; ten and fourteen, as well as two motorcycle options of cruiser and sport. For the purposes of this review, we will speak to the ten strip cruiser version. This particular model has sixteen color options that can dim, flash, and fade. It includes a handlebar mounted switch and a wireless remote. Each strip is approximately 9 centimeters long and is extremely thin.

  • Pros

This kit comes with a one year warranty for replacement and is waterproof.  Another interesting feature of this brand is that it comes in a version that allows for sound syncing with beat of your motorcycle music. Customers found the lights easy to install and that the adhesive adhered well to the bike. In addition, this model comes with a protective casing that protects against virtually any weather condition, which makes them incredibly long-lasting. This model also includes a fuse.

  • Cons

Common complaints for this model were that the lights tended to burn out after a relatively short period of time and that buyers had trouble getting help from customer service about replacement and installation. In addition, users also had problems with the wireless remote working consistently.


SUNPIE 12 Pack LED Light Kit

The SUNPIE model is another universal fit model that can be mounted on Harley Davidson, Honda, and Yamaha bikes to name a few. It includes the colors of red, blue, green, yellow, blue green, pink, and white. The included remote is capable of producing four different dimming levels as well as adjusting the brightness and speed of the flashing lights. The SUNPIE kit includes two 10 inch strips, two 8 inch strips, six 6 inch strips, and two 4 inch strips.

  • Pros

This model can be mounted on almost any type of outdoor vehicle from motorcycles to ATVs. It is flexible, easy to install, and comes with a strong adhesive backing. It is also waterproof for all-weather riding. In addition, it has an added Bluetooth capability that you can purchase separately that allows you to control the lights from your phone.

  • Cons

This was another popular unit, but some consumers complained that the wiring did not hold up well and that they had issues with the lights shorting out. In addition, the lights did not seem to be as bright as other models.

We have provided a comprehensive list of the best LED lights for motorcycles as well as various other outdoor vehicles. All of these models are waterproof, but make sure to verify that fact with any model you may be considering for purchase. In addition, pay attention to whether or not a kit includes a fuse as it can cause strain on your battery and the lights can short circuit if you choose not to use one or if the kit does not include one. Take the time to read online reviews since consumers can give you a good idea of the quality and versatility of each product. In addition, make sure to take note of the added features some of these models include since some are better than others.

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