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Steven Cole

Steven Cole

I have been called a jack of all trades and a master of none. Love to tinker with just about anything. If it needs to be fixed I will try and repair it. I am a middle aged nerd who likes to joke around and work on cars, computers and houses.

2006 Ford Mustang Top Speeds: Everything You Need To Know

The Ford Mustang was first introduced in April 1964 and immediately became a sensation. With its iconic look, powerful engine, and an amazing price point, the Mustang’s popularity is no surprise. These classic cars are hard to miss. With its sleek exterior and powerful engines, the Mustang is one of …
Car Life Expectancy by Model

The auto market is crowded with many incredible car models and makes, 90% of which promise grand value. Sadly, finding a car model that ticks the boxes of durability, performance, and reliability is trickier than you could ever imagine. This article centers on car life expectancy by model. Buying a …
Maximum Mileage for a Car

It?s important to know the maximum mileage for a car. When you visit the auto dealerships to make a new car purchase, you?re hoping to find one that would serve you longer than the one you disposed of at a meagre price.