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If you own a motorcycle, you might have considered installing undercarriage LED light strips to add a unique flair to your bike. However, not all LED kits are the same since they come in a variety of colors, brightness, installation type, and some are even illegal in certain states. LED light kits installation can be do-it-yourself, but we recommend consulting a professional since there is wiring involved. Check out the 7 best LED lights for motorcycles below before making that buying decision.


Things to Consider Before Buying LED Lights for Motorcycles

Since we mentioned that not all LED kits are the same, let us discuss some of things that sets them apart

  • Brightness

Before purchasing any light kit, it is best to read over the specifications and see what the indicate luminosity is of the LED strip. Many times professionals or even online customer reviews can clue you into whether or not the LED strip you are looking at will be sufficient. In addition, make sure to check if your kit comes with a fuse because while LED lights do not use a lot of power, they can still short-circuit when connected directly to the motorcycle battery.

  • How is the LED strip adhered?

Most kits are attached to the motorcycle using an adhesive backing, but not all backings provide the same adherence to the bike. We suggest again doing your research here and finding the specifications on what type of adhesive is used with the kit you are looking at buying. In addition, check to see if the LED strip is flexible because stiff sets do not adhere to the bike as well.

  • Can I get it wet?

Some LED kits are not waterproof, which can defeat the purpose of using them on your motorcycle. We guess this is because most bikers tend to avoid riding their bikes in the rain, but you can never predict bad weather so it is best to has a set that can stand up to water. If your LED lights are not waterproof, you could run the risk of shorting the circuit out and causing a fire.

  • Colors, Colors, and More Colors

To a lesser extent, color should factor into your thought process before purchasing an LED light kit. Some lights may not look appealing on your bike or may not have the same effect at night as in daylight when you most want to see the color.

  • State Laws

Probably the biggest thing to take into account before purchasing an LED kit is whether or not you can use it legally. Some states do not have specific regulations against LED undercarriage lights while others only restrict specific colors. Still others have outlawed LED lights completely. We recommend reviewing your specific state law before buying any kits.