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In this article we?re going to look into whether you can service your own car and still keep the warranty.

Then we?re going to tackle some of the surrounding questions such as ?What happens if I don?t service my car??, ?Will doing your own oil changes void the warranty??, and lastly, ?What will void the warranty on a car??.

And without further ado, let?s get straight to it.

Can I Service My Own Car And Keep The Warranty?

Many people ask the question ?Do you need to service your car at the dealership to keep your warranty valid??. And we certainly get why you would ask the question.

The dealership may be out of your way to get to, or you might be able to get it serviced elsewhere for a far more affordable rate.

Of course the dealership would prefer if you went to them every time, but that?s because it means more money for them and keeps everything in house.

But fortunately, the answer to this question is No. In fact, it?s illegal for a dealership to make you have your car serviced there just to keep the new car warranty valid.

And this means that whenever you need tire rotations or oil changes, or any other general maintenance carried out, you can go anywhere you like to get it done and the dealership will still be obliged to honor the new car warranty.

Can I Service My Own Car And Keep The Warranty


But before you rush out to get the car serviced elsewhere, please heed this warning. You will need proof that a service has been carried out. The dealership is allowed to void the new car warranty if they have no record of the proper maintenance being carried out.

But this is very simple and straightforward to deal with. All you have to do is keep any receipts or other documentation every time you have maintenance done on the car. And this goes for oil changes, tire rotations, or anything else that might crop up.

Our advice is to keep all the receipts for the dealership, and to photocopy a spare set