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The auto market is crowded with many incredible car models and makes, 90% of which promise grand value. Sadly, finding a car model that ticks the boxes of durability, performance, and reliability is trickier than you could ever imagine. This article centers on car life expectancy by model.

Buying a long-life car model takes more than just being obsessed with a model that has found favor with the masses. Remember, some people buy cars for the luxuries and amenities, and wouldn?t care to pay extra to get those sophisticated and technologically rich features.

On your side, you?re perhaps looking for a vehicle that beats the crowd in terms of durability, performance on different roads, and reliability in terms of fuel efficiency and low emission. You wouldn?t compromise quality and durability for mere amenities and luxuries. That?s probably the reason you can pay anything to get the details of every car life expectancy by model.

Our today?s post delves into the hidden details of car life expectancies and what makes some car models last longer than others.

Factors Affecting Car Life Expectancy by Model

Auto manufacturers have zoomed their focus on giving modern cars longer life expectancy. Vehicles from top bands are hitting over 200,000 miles, while those from less-known brands are ticking way over 100,000 miles. Wondering what affects the car life expectancy by model? Here is everything you should know:

Car manufacturer

The experience, technologies, and innovation employed by different car manufacturers vary. That?s one reason you will find some manufacturers making cars that can last for over 10 years and other manufacturers making cars that can?t exceed 9 years.