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The Tesla wall connector known as Tesla High Power Wall Connector (HPWC) costs between $500-600. The installation will require an electrician, who may take $250-300 as his service charge apart from the electrical hardware needed.

So, the complete installation, wiring, and conduit may cost between $3500-4000 depending upon the location and circumstances.

What is Tesla?s high-power wall connector (HPWC)?

Tesla?s High-Power Wall Connector (HPWC) is a home charging solution for Tesla vehicles. It makes the charging process efficient and convenient, allowing the vehicles to fully charge overnight for a full day drive experience.

What are salient features of Tesla?s HPWC?

The latest Gen-3 Tesla High Power Wall Connector offers you the best charging experience of the Tesla vehicle at your home at any time. You can view the charge percentage on the Tesla app, which will also give you the full-charge notification. It also features WIFI connectivity for OTG updates of the device.

Some more features of the Tesla Wall Connector are as follows:

  • Charges the vehicle to run for up to 70 km with 1 hour of charge.
  • Gives up to 11.5kW/48 amp as its output.
  • Compatible with the household electrical systems.
  • Compatible with the following Tesla models ? Model X, Model 3, Model S, and Model Y.
  • Has 2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n WIFI connectivity.
  • Offers versatile installations ? indoor or outdoor.
  • Has a lightweight and sleek design.
  • Comes with lightweight 18? or 8.5? cable length.
  • Comes coated with tempered glass.
  • Offers customizable power levels.

How to install Tesla?s home charging solution?

There are four steps involved in the complete installation of Tesla?s Home Charging Solution for a seamless charging experience for your Tesla Vehicle.

It is better to install the wall connector in a 60 amps circuit in the parking area nearest to your home electrical infrastructure. The process of installation may take two hours to two days to complete, depending upon the location and complexity of the job.

  • Find an Electrician

Visit www.tesla.com and go to the support section to Find an Electrician Tool. Enter your zip code to find the Tesla certified Installers/Electricians in your area. If you want the installation done with another electrician, direct them to the Wall Connector Installation Guide on Tesla?s website.

  • Request your quotation

Contact multiple electricians in your area to get the best price of the service quotation.

  • Order online the Tesla Connector

Order your Tesla HPWC via Tesla?s official website and get your work done through your independent electrician.

Or if you are installing through Tesla, then the quote will come along with the product and its installation, and no further action will be required in this case.

  • Schedule the installation

Provide your electrician with the order shipment confirmation, and schedule the installation to proceed. If the installation is to be done through Tesla, then Tesla will reach out with a suitable date for you.

Tesla @ HomeWhat is the best way to charge a Tesla vehicle?

You can plug-in the charging of your Tesla vehicle in the evening when you are back home from your day. This will