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Straight out of a Sci-Fi movie, this technology makes the trailer attached to the vehicle invisible using the brand-new camera system.

It works using 360? cameras attached on the trailer that projects the views of the road on a big LED screen as though the trailer is not even there. This image-forming technology covers all the blind spots for the driver. This technology guides the driver while parking their truck and trailer while stuck in traffic and/or while making sharp turns.

The cameras work in such a manner that the image displayed to the drivers seems to have an invisible trailer attached to the back of their truck. So, the point of view is not exactly from the back of the trailer, but rather it is actually from the back of the truck, making it easier for the driver to navigate. Apart from this image, the LED shows 14 other images from distinct angles to capture every spot behind and in front of the truck. The cameras also show images from a top view that helps the driver to attach their truck to the trailer with the help of the LED screen.

Trucks and trailers need safety measures which may be different from other vehicles because of its out-of-the-way build, although trucks and trailers can handle damage better than normal cars because of their heavy mass. But this heavy mass can become a safety hazard in certain situations. Due to a larger build attached to a truck on the backside, it can bring along many blind spots which can cause more frequent hitting. Now, this technology makes sure that doesn?t happen and makes driving easier.

This see-through-the-trailer technology involves the ProGrade technology, which is installed in only a few trucks and it is making a huge difference. This new technology might seem complicated and may need an explanation, but however complicated the technology may be, it makes the experience simpler and easier.

How does the camera work?

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