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If you have used your car?s stereo system a lot or if you bought a used car, you may find that your speakers aren?t working properly. Perhaps they sound really grainy, are making a clicking sound, or the sound quality is just overall subpar? Regardless, you can replace your speakers and end up spending a considerable amount of money, or you can fix them yourself.

How to tell if your speakers are blown

In order to diagnose whether or not your speakers are blown out, check for the following signs of a damaged car speaker:

  • Unwanted distortion, grainy sound, or fuzziness. If for any reason you think your speakers may be blown, turn the volume to a low level and listen for any uncharacteristic noises such as fuzziness, distortion, or grainy sounding music. It is important to differentiate between these sounds coming from the speakers, and other fuzziness which often comes from FM radio.
  • Popping or clicking sounds instead of music. If instead of music you hear popping or crackling sounds, your speakers are definitely blown.
  • Lack of treble, base, or mid-tones. Use your car?s equalizer controls to make sure that you have a full range of sound from your speakers. If you notice a complete lack of base, mid-tones, or treble, you probably have a blown speaker.
  • Check speaker?s impedance. You can check your speaker?s impedance using a multimeter. Properly working speakers typically have an impedance of 4 or 8 ohms. If your speaker?s impedance is