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What is a sunroof?

A sunroof can be simply described as the movable panel which is present at the ceiling of the car. It allows light and fresh air to enter the car.

They might be manually operated or automated (motor-driven). They come in different shapes, styles, and sizes.

Functions of a sunroof:

Sunroofs provide us extra light and ventilation when the weather is nice. They are also referred to as a moonroof in some cases.

The first sunroof was a retractable metal panel found on the roof of a classic Nash in 1937. Thirty years later, the moonroof was introduced. A moonroof was made of tinted glass and would let a bit of light to get in even after being closed.

There are some arguments over the nomenclature of sunroofs or moonroofs but we will not get into that. Most sunroofs fall under two categories:

  • Internal sunroof: These are fitted between the headliner and the metal skin of the roof and retract into a pocket specifically made for it.These are the ones which exist most commonly.
  • External sunroof: The are present on top of the roof. They are mostly made of glass and some are textiles. They retract into tracks built above the roofs.
  • Fixed sunroof: These are fixed glass structures built specifically for light to come in.

Some common problems regarding sunroofs:

  1. Mechanical problems like the breaking of glass panel or a panel getting loose are probably the most common problems in this category. They can be replaced or fixed with some basic tools. These can be easily fixed with nuts and bolts or replaced. Special roofs called the Urethane-adhesive sunroofs are the ones only professionals should handle.
  2. Twisting, popping, or sticking sunroofs are the ones that are tricky to solve. It might also be a simple issue such as a lack of lubrication. This can be solved by greasing its tracks by heavy silicon grease and freeing it from sticking itself and in turn, preventing wear. Sadly, this is often overlooked by the owner and not maintaining the roof might lead to it having bigger problems later on. Worn out or broken cables may also be reasons for sticking or binding problems. The flexible cables mesh with the gear on the motor but this can be quickly destroyed if the track is sticking. This kind of repair surely seeks professional help. It is not going to be easy.
  3. Electrical problems like a blown fuse may render the sunroof inoperable. Problems of this nature also arise from lack of lubrication showing how important maintenance is. It might also become inoperable due to a dead motor, switch, or a broken wire. Fuses are the easiest to access so start with them. If the problem becomes too much for you, don?t risk it. Go to a mechanic.

Here are some of the basic things you can do to get your sunroof to work again:

The basic things that you will need to fix the sunroof are a multimeter and a screwdriver.

  • You will have to access the lift arms. For this, you will have to remove the glass from the sunroof. The guide lifting the arms need pushing forward if they are not closing all the way. You will need to use a screwdriver to accomplish the task of pushing the guides forward. This will help the lift arms to fully close. Replacing the glass should be the first thing on your list once the lift arms are moving properly.
  • The next step would be to lift the sunroof cable. It might have had slid in the path of the lift arm and the guides. Remove the J plate in your sunroof and rest the cable. Follow up by replacing the J plate and test if the lift arms are fully moving.
  • Check for any problems in the motor. Without any power in the motor, the roof will remain in that position no matter what you do. First of all, test the motor with a screwdriver. Place the screwdriver at the center of the motor at the nylon brushing. You can always make the motor work manually by rotating the screwdriver. This might be a temporary fix but the next thing in line would be to get the motor replaced.
  • As we have mentioned earlier, the sunroof might get stuck due to problems in the wiring. A short can be a major reason. To check if they are working you will need a multimeter. If the resistance is normal there is no problem with the wiring but if the resistance in the meter turns up to be high then there is a problem with the wiring.
  • Clean up the debris in the tracks. This step should be listed in preventions rather than cures. Regular cleanups of debris will save the cables from getting damaged. Cables are really tough and expensive to fix.

Fortunately, the easiest of fixes is this one. If this works, there is no need for you to do everything written above.

There might be a problem with the switch. In this case, open the sunroof all the way and let it shut. As it is, it won?t shut all the way. Don?t let go of the switch and hold it for about 20 seconds and you will see that the roof closes. This is the time the computer program takes to be accepted. This is one of the most common solutions.

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