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The television show Lucifer has gained a popular following. This show is about a crime-solving devil living in Los Angeles. The show features actor Tom Ellis, who is a character named Lucifer Morningstar and owns a nightclub. With a huge cash flow at his bidding, he demonstrates luxury in almost every area of his life.

However, there have been notable areas of interest when it comes to the set of Lucifer. Many audiences have asked what car does Lucifer drive? With all of the money and carefree attitude, Lucifer drives a first generation 1962 Chevrolet Corvette. This has been confirmed by the show?s creators that the model is a 1962 Corvette. The 1962 Corvette was the last year for the C1 although it still has a 327-cubic inch V8 engine.

Choosing the Corvette

The C1 is an excellent choice for the vehicle as it matches well with the tone of the show. Lucifer drives around LA like he?s retired and going on a leisurely Sunday drive. He pairs the car with a FALL1N1 license plate that matches the black paint. However, despite attempts to make the vehicle look sinister, it almost looks like a car you?d inherit from your parents and then fix up in your spare time.

Do you think that the devil would drive the car that used to be a baby boomer?s dream vehicle? Even Lucifer himself refers to his car as being a dime a dozen on the screen. Another interesting factor of the show is the car driven by his sidekick. This demon known as Mazikeen wears black clothing like it?s going out of style. She drives an Audi R8. This car suits her personality and also gives her the luxury that she desires in all area of her life.

Matching His Personality

Although it?s not been made clear exactly why Lucifer has chosen to drive that particular car, some fans of the show speculate that it may be based on the part of his personality that?s being developed during the seasons. When Lucifer first shows up, he?s your typical bad boy. After spending an eternity in Hell, he is irresponsible, loves doing anything sinful, and likes to punish people. The typical bad boy personality shines through and makes him a fairly one-dimensional character at first.

However, throughout the show, Lucifer manages to fall in love with a detective who is the opposite of all his bad traits. Throughout his journey with her, you see him change from his bad boy ways to someone who can be with her. Throughout this changing act, you also see a goofy, charming twist that?s displayed in every episode. While the car doesn?t tell you a great deal about his personality, it may be indicating that he?s not the damaged, bad boy that first shows up on the screen.

In fact, the car shows that he may be a true romantic at heart. He loves this old vehicle even though it?s not a luxury item. It?s not even much of a collector?s item. For a man that seems to love convenience and having the best of what the world has to offer, the Corvette simply doesn?t fit into his definition of self. Unless, of course, he has a softer side that?s remained hidden.

Moving Forward

Although this car isn?t the only vehicle on the set, it?s vital for audiences to know that even subtle aspects of a show can give hints and clues about a character. Clothing choices, lighting, music, set design, and other factors are all used to give people their identities. They may be used in distinct ways to display good or bad traits. However, they can also be ways to indicate subtle parts of a person?s character that are not immediately obvious. This show can be remarkably clever, which is why it?s grown into a favorite with fans. Even after being canceled, Netflix listened to the fan base and swooped in to continue making new episodes.

Although the Corvette isn?t the only part of Lucifer that makes it an exciting show, the car does stand out and with good reason. When watching the show, take note of the vehicles driven and how they can play into each scene. You may find some surprising aspects that you hadn?t noticed initially.

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