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Having a dash cam in your vehicle is becoming more and more critical in today?s ever-changing world. Sadly, many insurance companies have noticed an increase in scam artists involved accidents such as ?cash for crash? scams and fake hit and run incidents. Cash for crash scams involve drivers cutting off other drivers and then stopping short causing the unassuming victim to rear-end the vehicle in front of them. Then the scam artist pretends to fake injuries in order to sue the victim and gain additional funds. The fake hit and run incidents typically involve a pedestrian smacking some part of the vehicle with their hand or some part of their body and making the driver believe they hit this person, which again allows the scam artist to sue the driver.

What makes dash cams unique over normal cameras is that they are triggered when drivers put their vehicles in motion and they record small amounts of footage at a time. The recording time typically encompasses one to two minutes of driving. The dash cam continuously records over the time frame of footage to avoid filling up the memory card. There are a variety of popular models especially ones that are capable of night vision recording. Here is a list of some of the best night vision dash cams of 2018.