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That ever so quiet jingle of your keys as you pick them up off the counter always sends your pup spiraling out of control towards the front door, hoping to accompany you on a car ride. Whether it be a trip to the vet, a ride to pick up the kids, a road trip or just a ride for bonding time, car rides are one of your dog?s favorite things to do. Taking your best friend along, riding as your co-pilot, is fun and it is certainly nice to have your pup right up front next to you.

Getting out, ears flopping in the wind, soaking in the sunshine is good for your dog. Your pup is man?s best friend and taking your companion along with you for a coffee run is therapeutic and relaxing for both of you. Dogs are absolutely a member of the family and as owners, we want them with us at all times.

Is it legal?

However, is it legal? That depends on the state. In some states, your dog riding shotgun can bring on some ramifications, as it is considered to be distracting to the driver. Some states will actually ticket a driver if a dog is in the front set acting up and distracting the driver from the road. If you are driving and traveling with your dog in your car, knowing and understanding the dog restraint rules that are required and enforced in your state and any other states you may be driving in (or through on a road trip) is paramount.

So, although it technically is not classified as illegal, because the act of having your furry friend in the passenger seat can result in a distracted driver, which can lead to reckless and careless driving, it is pretty well frowned upon.