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When you become a car owner, you automatically take on certain responsibilities ? filling the fuel tank, changing the brake oil, switching out the tires as soon as winter comes.

But, what if you don?t do it? Ever wondered what would have happened if you used your winter tires throughout the summer?

It?s tempting to consider. After all, you?d save so much money by using the same set through the seasons. But can you use winter tires all year round? In this guide, we will explore the possibility and discuss whether there are any consequences of doing so.

Can You Use Winter Tires All Year Round?

It?s safe to say that it is not the best idea to use your winter tires year-round. They are designed specifically to help you drive in the snow and on icy roads, which is not required under normal circumstances.

Once the weather turns warmer, you do not need deep tread depth to cling onto the road through snow or biting edges to cut through ice and prevent skidding.

Simply put, winter tires are ill-equipped to be used in the summer, and continuing to do so can result in damage to the tires and accidents. Many people do not want to go through the hassle and cost of changing their tires every season. But there are several reasons why you shouldn?t do it.

Harms of Using Winter Tires Throughout the Year

It is strongly advised not to use winter tires for year-long use due to a variety of reasons. From tire health to grip and friction, here are the top reasons you should be switching your tires out in the summer.