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How Do I Cancel Paddle Shifter?
Today, only a few people in the US buy non-automatic cars. But these cars are still in the market and those who want to get the feel of having complete control of their cars often like these vehicles. When your car has a manual transmission, as you keep shifting from …

Reduced Engine Power and How to Fix It
Have you ever, for a moment, thought of how it would be if there were no cars? Having to walk to work, escort your kids to school on foot, and practically run all your errands on foot? Pretty hard, isn’t it? The importance that cars have in our daily lives …

can I clean an o2 sensor?
Have you ever wondered if you can clean an O2 sensor? Vehicle owners have been asking this question, with many different opinions on the topic. Often, leaving people confused about the possibilities of successfully cleaning an O2 sensor on their vehicle. Below we will discuss an O2 sensor’s functionality, determining …

How to Deep Clean Your Car: The Complete Guide