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With the growth in the number of vehicles leading to congested roads, a lot of Americans are now opting to drive their cars less and store them instead.

If you have in mind to store your car, you should know what things to do for your car to keep the engine alive and well. The instructions that come with the car from the manufacturer cannot always be depended on to understand what should be done to a car in storage.

While storing a car, you should first consider why you are storing it and for how long you plan on keeping it in storage. There are different ways to treat your car, depending on how long you wish to keep it in storage. Your car may stay idle for a short semester or a year, depending on your needs.

If you preserve the longevity of your car, it could lead to longer storage. The way you prepare your car for storage determines how often you should start your car in storage.

There are three kinds of car storage which are discussed below: