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How to Keep Windshield From Icing Up

Waking up to iced over windows when you have to get to work in the morning or run errands can be a massive hassle. If you live in an area with tough winters, you are likely already equipped with the standard tools and brushes to combat the ice once it sets ? but there are some things that you can do to keep your windows from icing up in the first place! If you were to google ?how to keep windshield from icing up? you?d likely find a bunch of results. We?ve compiled some of the best ones for you here!

Cover up your windshield!

Covering up your windshield is one of the simplest steps that you can take when it comes to preventing ice build up in the winter. If you go to your local auto dealer or car shop, you?re likely to find that they carry a large selection of windshield covers specifically designed for winter use.

If not, you can find a ton of options online! If you order online just be sure to read the reviews.