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Maybe you?re looking to update your car interior?s look, maybe you?re a fan of loud colors and funky style, or maybe you need to replace a worn-down steering wheel cover. Either way, you?re looking for a way to do it yourself. This project is easy enough for a beginner, and fun for anyone who wants to express their wild sense of style! Follow these simple steps to add some functional pizazz to your ride.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

You?ll need to gather some supplies to make your own steering wheel cover. You can find all of these items at your local craft store. For a durable and long-lasting final product, invest in good quality materials.

  • Fabric

Fuzzy material can be a little harder to work with than smoother fabric, so be sure and a little extra in case of mistakes. Purchase enough to cover the measurements of your wheel. Bear in mind that light fabric will be less likely to fade from sun exposure.

  • Fabric Scissors

Cheap scissors won?t give you a smooth cut to work with on your fabric.

  • Needle and Thread

The better quality thread, the sturdy your cover will be.