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The dominance war between Chevy and Ford has lasted for years, with each brand coming up with new trends to keep up the competition. The debate on which truck is better ford or Chevy when it comes to rugged off-road rides and superior haulage and towing performance has lasted for decades.

However, while the rivalry isn?t free of casualties, it has greatly shaped the automotive industry. The decision on which truck to buy is left for you to make.

Most of the debaters end up in disagreement because the debaters are devotedly allied to their favorite brands.

Technological Advancement?Which Truck Is better Ford or Chevy?

If you?re a tech guru, you will never entertain any car that doesn?t offer the best and latest technology. Chevrolet outperforms ford when it comes to technological advancement. Trucks from Chevy pack superior built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi, Chevy MyLink, Android Auto capability, steering wheel-mounted audio controls, and smartphone integration.