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Aftermarket stereo systems are becoming popular for those individuals who do not have newer cars with all the upgraded features. Since many units now contain a lot of those unique features that come standard on newer model cars for a fraction of the price, they are often the better bargain. Most models are compatible with newer model phones such as Apple and Android products. They have built-in GPS and navigation or the ability to add that feature on and they work with your existing stereo connections. The nice thing about the aftermarket stereo systems is they can be upgraded quite easily compared to built-in units on other vehicles and they almost always support additional upgrades so you can slowly expand your features as you can afford or as you want to.


One of the most common units found out on the market today is the double DIN unit. It is basically double the size of single DIN units if you have heard the terminology. Some cars only have the capacity to hold a single DIN unit since the stereo front face plate is not wide enough to accommodate a double DIN. Additionally, even if you have the room for double DIN head unit, you can still install a single DIN unit with the right kit. However, keep in mind that most double DIN units contain the more upgraded features like touch screen and built-in navigation that you will not be able to find with single DIN units. Let us compare some of the top android capable double DIN head units.