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We have all been there, stuck in a parking lot or on the side of the road, because our car battery died. While it is always best to have a complete emergency car kit in our vehicles for various situations, the most important item to have is a portable jump starter. A portable jump starter is capable of providing enough energy to the battery to get your vehicle started. It does not require another vehicle or additional jumper cables as many of them come equipped with built-in lines.

Types of Portable Jump Starters

There are two main types of portable jump starters; the plug-in version and the jump box variety. Plug-in jump starters are required to be plugged in to work, which is convenient for charging your car battery at home, but not for situations where you are nowhere near an outlet. While they are small and compact, they are typically not useful for emergency roadside situations.

Jump boxes are self-contained units that are basically just portable batteries with built-in jumper cables. They provide a large push of energy, which is enough to get your battery charged for the car to start. The largest drawback with jump boxes is that they cannot charge a dead battery whereas plug-in units can. They are simply capable of providing the charge necessary to kick start your car. When using a jump box, it is always best to get a new battery as soon as possible as prolonged use of this portable jump starter and a dead battery can damage the car?s alternator.