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Car Life Expectancy by Model
The auto market is crowded with many incredible car models and makes, 90% of which promise grand value. Sadly, finding a car model that ticks the boxes of durability, performance, and reliability is trickier than you could ever imagine. This article centers on car life expectancy by model. Buying a …

What Does Audi TT Stand for
This two-door sports vehicle?s first generation was produced in 1998 and it has been consequently in production of its new models up to the current fourth generation. The first two Audi TT generations were assembled by the Audi Hungaria Motors using body structures created and painted in Bavaria, Ingolstadt city. …

What Does Elon Musk Drive
Which car does the Tesla CEO Sir, Elon Musk drive? Of course, all his car models are Tesla models. Being amongst the richest individuals in the world, a huge proportion is always following up and checking up on updates about his professional as well as personal lifestyle. What does Elon …

What Does GTR Stand for Nissan
The skyline GTR is one of the most powerful and fastest cars that the Nissan company has manufactured over the years. For all my car lovers around the world wondering and are curious as to what does GTR stand for Nissan, well we got your answer right here.