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Have you ever, for a moment, thought of how it would be if there were no cars? Having to walk to work, escort your kids to school on foot, and practically run all your errands on foot? Pretty hard, isn?t it?

The importance that cars have in our daily lives cannot be underestimated. Movement from one location to another on land is a breeze thanks to having them around.

A typical modern car has more than sixty sensors installed to ensure safe and efficient driving if you didn?t know.

However, a slight interruption to these sensors can result in several error lights on your dashboard illuminating. Though error lights like the low-pressure tire light can be ignored, some are quite critical, like the reduced engine power light, which cannot be ignored.

In this post, we will look at what does reduced engine power mean, its causes, and some fixes for the same.

Power Engine Reduced ? Here?s what you need to know

Reduced engine power simply means that your car lacks the required capacity to accelerate properly and function optimally.

When this happens, you will notice the engine light goes on. In such a case, your car?s Engine control unit, commonly known as the ?car?s computer,? triggers the reduced power mode to avoid damaging the engine.

It is important to note that not all cars have the reduced engine power light and hence you can?t check engine light to know there is a problem. In some vehicles, the warning is displayed on the car?s screen.

Common causes of Reduced Engine Power (and how to fix them)

Several factors can cause the error engine light to come on. Finding the exact cause should be the first step in getting a fix. Since modern vehicles are highly computerized, it is easy to scan the car with a scan tool and pinpoint the exact problem in the car?s system.