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Los 10 hechos principales sobre los automóviles a la venta por parte del gobierno

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En la América moderna, a menos que viva en una gran ciudad y tome el transporte público para ir a todas partes, necesita un vehículo para moverse, ir al trabajo y hacer todas las demás tareas y actividades que exige la vida moderna. Si bien muchas personas van a un concesionario de automóviles local para encontrar un automóvil, camión o camioneta, hay un número creciente de personas que compran un vehículo repo barato en subastas de coches gubernamentales online, compra de automóviles para la venta por parte del gobierno con el fin de ahorrar mucho dinero.

The simple truth is that cars are one of the most expensive purchases that most people will make in their lives, and make on a relatively frequent basis. Most consumers try as much as possible to get a lower price on whatever car or truck they buy but, in a lot of cases, they still pay too much and go into too much debt because they simply don’t know of any better ways to shop. If that’s you, and if saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on your next car or truck sounds like a great idea, keep reading to find out the Top 10 Facts About Cars For Sale by the Government.



¿Por qué vende automóviles el gobierno?

Antes de comenzar, un poco sobre por qué el gobierno, incluidas agencias como la Policía, la DEA, el FBI y el IRS, están vendiendo automóviles, camiones y camionetas, y por qué son tan baratos. El hecho es que todos los días en los Estados Unidos estas agencias gubernamentales (y algunas otras) confiscan automóviles, camiones, camionetas, motocicletas e incluso botes por una amplia variedad de razones. Algunos se toman de los traficantes de drogas, mientras que otros se toman de personas que incumplieron con sus préstamos para automóviles, adeudan impuestos atrasados al IRS o estuvieron involucrados en actividades delictivas.

Algunos de los vehículos que se venden son automóviles y camiones que fueron utilizados por las respectivas agencias gubernamentales, como carros de policía y camionetas. En muchos casos, se han mantenido extremadamente bien y solo tienen entre 2 y 3 años, lo que los convierte en un valor excelente.

Whatever the reason, the vehicles are then auctioned off to the public, usually for prices that are far below retail by thousands of dollars. In fact, in most cases, the price of the cars and trucks being auctioned off are up to 95% less than their normal retail price, a phenomenal amount of savings by any measure. Many of the auctions you’ll find at online government car auctions start at a measly $100.00!

Fact 1 – Anyone can buy a government auctioned car

La verdad es que los concesionarios de automóviles AMAN las subastas de automóviles del gobierno porque saben que pueden comprar vehículos a un precio extremadamente bajo y, dado que ya tienen un concesionario, pueden dar la vuelta y venderlos para obtener una ganancia considerable. Pero la buena noticia es que nadie puede comprar automóviles para la venta por parte del gobierno y ahorrar más de 90% o más en su próximo automóvil o camión.

Fact 2 – Live online government car auctions are held every week all over the country

Practically every state in the United States holds car auctions on a regular basis, and some are so busy repossessing and seizing cars that they hold them every week! If you’re looking for cheap repo and seized cars for sale, there’s likely at least one being held in your metro area and in most cases more.

Fact 3 – Why doesn’t everyone purchase seized cars?

Again, many American consumers have no idea about cars for sale by the government because it’s not something that’s advertised and car dealerships are not likely to give you the information you need to go and find a cheaper car somewhere else. (It would, as you can imagine, impact their profit margins a lot.) Also, some people simply don’t like purchasing used cars and trucks and, since all of the vehicles sold by the government have been used (if sometimes only slightly) these consumers aren’t interested in them.

Fact 4 – Government auctioned cars come with a warranty

OK, so the warranty you’ll get with cars for sale by the government is going to be substantially less than the warranty you get with a brand new car purchased through a dealership. On the other hand, you will usually get a 3-month warranty included for free and, if you want more warranty, you can purchase it for a small extra fee.

Also, these cars are sometimes barely used and almost new, with new engines, tires, brakes and so forth, so a warranty isn’t exactly necessary. The truth is, what you’ll save off the retail price far outweighs the saving you might have if you needed to use the warranty.

Fact 5 – You can check the VIN on most online government car auctions

If you want to do your due diligence, which is always a good idea and check the VIN of a car or truck you’re interested in purchasing at a government car auction, in most cases that’s not a problem. Also, there’s nothing stopping you from ordering a CARFAX report on a vehicle you want to buy for even more peace of mind.

Fact 6 – There are no luxury taxes or hidden fees when you purchase a government auctioned car

When you buy cars for sale by the government you can rest assured that you won’t get hit by extra hidden fees when it’s time to pay. Even better, since the so-called ‘luxury tax’ has already been paid by the original owner of the car or truck, you won’t have to pay that either, which can save you a bundle! Do keep in mind that standard title and registration fees do still apply, just like with any car or truck purchase in any state of the US.

Fact 7 – Cars for sale by the government are usually in great condition

As we’ve already talked about, most of the cars, trucks and vans you’ll find at a government-sponsored car auction are relatively new, which means they will be in good, very good and even excellent condition. If it’s a vehicle that was used by, say, the police, DEA or FBI for regular, daily work and duties, the car or van will also have stamped log books showing the entire, complete care the vehicle has received since it was put into service. In any case, with usually less than 40,000 miles, most of the cars for sale by the government are in fantastic shape and would make great family vehicles.

Fact 8 – Many cars auctioned by the government were used by the government

We’ve already mentioned that many of these cheap repo and seized cars being sold at government auction are actually cars and trucks that were used by a government agency. That might not sound like a lot but, if you take a closer look at all the agencies that need and use cars every day, there are actually quite a few sources, including;

  • Agencias del gobierno federal como el FBI, CIA, DEA
  • State government agencies like the Governor’s office
  • Departamentos de policía y alguacil
  • Marshalls de Estados Unidos
  • Departamentos de bomberos
  • Departamentos de emergencia
  • Organizaciones sin fines de lucro como iglesias, entidades religiosas y más
  • Organizaciones educativas como universidades y colegios

Luego, por supuesto, están los miles de autos y camiones que son incautados, como mencionamos, a traficantes de drogas, organizaciones criminales y consumidores que no cumplen con sus préstamos para autos.

Fact 9 – You don’t have to pay everything up front on a government car auction

If you’re worried that you’ll have to pay everything up front, as is typical with many types of situations, that’s usually not the case with cars for sale by the government. In most online government car auctions you are asked to pay $500.00 as a deposit, although this can change both up and/or down depending on where you live and which government car auction you purchase from. Keep in mind that you’ll need a bank check, money order or EFT at the drop of the hammer (i.e. when the auction ends).

Fact 10 – Car Auctions by the Government are Not Complicated

If you’re worried about online government car auctions being difficult, frustrating or otherwise hard to win, don’t. In most cases, the process is easy and fast and the opposite of complicated and frustrating.


La simple verdad es que puede comprar automóviles, camiones y camionetas en excelente estado, con poco kilometraje, por miles de dólares menos que los precios minoristas normales si los compra a través de una subasta de automóviles del gobierno en línea. Con suerte, ahora sabe lo suficiente sobre cómo hacerlo y dónde, para poder comprar su próximo automóvil por un precio fantástico utilizando automóviles en venta por el gobierno.

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