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In 2016, Tesla Inc announced its most luxurious car model that received five stars in every category soon after the introduction ? Tesla Model 3. Its popularity was shown within a week after the announcement as Tesla revealed they received 325,000 reservations for the car. In February 2019, Tesla Model 3 became the all-time best-selling plug-in electric car in the United States. On the other hand, this model comes with lots of challenges, especially when talking about maintenance and jacking up the vehicle. This is because the Tesla Model 3, like other models, has very long wheelbases that make lifting up your car a frustrating job and a headache. Luckily, CarCarePortal brings you a detailed list of the best floor jacks for the Tesla Model 3. Check out the list below to find the one you will be most satisfied with.

1. Powerbuilt 620479E Xtra Low Profile Floor Jack

This floor jack is the first choice of many car manufacturers and Tesla Model lovers. With an extra low profile jack for vehicles, it is one of the safest and smoothest options for cars where jack stand positioning is challenging. It has been praised as the best jack for cars that usually sit much lower to the ground, as low as 2-3/4 inches. It can lift up to 15-1/2 inches. It also features a steel safety bar, which makes sure the jack is secured in the highest position. It has a lifting capacity of 2 tons (4000 Ibs).

On the bright side, it has a really extra low profile that will keep your Tesla Model 3 safe during the jacking. Moreover, it is one of the most affordable, and it comes with some additional features like a handy safety bar. On the other side, there were some growing negative reviews about its build quality as some people were experiencing frequent problems with the bottle jack as a part of this setup. Thinking of buying this or want to find out more, head over to Amazon here.

2. Pro-Lift F-767 Grey Low Profile Floor Jack

Another great option for low profile cars is this hydraulic automotive floor jack made by ProLift, lifting equipment specialists with a global presence and numerous locations in the United States. This jack can be placed under the car as low as 3-1/2 inches, with lifting range from 3-1/2 inches to 14 inches. A nice feature is a unique bypass device that protects the car against over pumping so your Tesla Model 3 is safe when this jack is used under it. Moreover, it comes with SFA 90 days warranty from the day you bought it.

The reasons for purchasing it are lying in the fact it is one of the most money-friendly options on the market, which comes with an excellent cost-performance ratio. Its steel construction helps it withstand heavy work and provide the jack with a longer lifespan and higher durability. On the other side, the maximum height of a lifting range is not enough for more significant maintenance work. Thinking of buying this or want to find out more, head over to Amazon here.

3. Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack

Now, this is a treat for all car enthusiasts as well as Tesla Model 3 owners. Made of a lightweight aluminum frame, this jack has increased portability and is capable of lifting a heavy car although its weight is reduced. Actually, the strength and durability are two characteristics this model can really be proud of. Its rated capacity is around 6000 pounds while the safety valve of the hydraulic system prevents it from overloading beyond the capacity ruled by the industry standards. Wheels on the side help to facilitate the positioning, so it is much easier to do the maintenance work when needed.

It has a superb capability and durability, comes with various handy materials and a rubber saddle. It has a sleek modern design but a robust structural frame that gives it a powerful appeal. Still, there are some downsides where the most annoying one is the fact it is quite often unavailable for purchase. It also looks somewhat tall and a little bulky, which may look unattractive and inefficient. Thinking of buying this or want to find out more, head over to Amazon here.

4. Blackhawk B6350 Black/Red Fast Lift Service Jack

The Blackhawk floor jacks are actually cheaper versions of the excellent Hein Werner Jacks but provide the same level of service as the ones mentioned. As their name implies, they are the pioneers of the fast lift technology. Its design allows you to raise the floor jack to the level you want in just a few sweat-less moves. It has an enormous rated capacity of almost 7000 Ibs, which sounds like something the manufacturer might have exaggerated about, but this floor jack is the real deal. The heavy-duty steel and aluminum frame vouches for its durability, but it also leads to its negative side, which is weight. Because of the weight, It is not easy to maneuver around.

It comes with a built-in safety valve and a bypass device, preventing the potential damage that could result from sudden issues like over pumping. Many other jacks have a plastic handle grip while this has a well-padded and removable one. It also comes with a one-year full warranty. In addition, it is one of the best low priced automotive floor jacks on the market. Thinking of buying this or want to find out more, head over to Amazon here.

5. Performance Tool W1642 2 Ton

One of the do-it-all kinds of floor jacks available on the market. It has a load capacity up to 4000 Ibs and lifting range between 2-3/4 and 20 inches. With a well-built rigorous steel frame and an extended side flange, this monster is famous for its durability and strength. It has a high-quality rubber saddle pad with the 360-degree swivel and dual pistons that look like they are made just for your Tesla Model 3 car. Dual pistons are great for the fast lifting action. It is praised to be made for the professionals that lie inside of each of us. And the yellow color makes it just like it has been composed for the sports games and competitions. However, it is fairly easy to use and comes with manufacturer?s manual if you bump into an unexpected barrier.

On the plus side, it has an all-steel heavy and strong structure with good load capacity and wide lifting range. Equipped with metal wheels and dual pistons for finishing the job nicely and quickly. It also features an overload protection bypass valve for safety. It is not odd that it is used for the light duty trucks as well. However, not many people will like their heaviness. It also seems that a pump handle is shorter than expected, so some may have to bend a little bit to work with this floor jack. Thinking of buying this or want to find out more, head over to Amazon here.

6. Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ultra Low Profile Floor Jack

If you own Tesla Model 3 car, you know you need a jack with low clearance, so it fits underneath your car. It is important to find a jack that can both fit under your car and lift it without much effort, so you are assured you got the right choice.