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How to make your Car Last longer

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I believe we’ve all come across or at some point even owned a vehicle sitting in a garage or drive away for a couple of weeks. You will have to keep its maintenance top-notch by taking certain steps and implementing them to increase your car’s lifespan off the road. In this article, I’m going to help you master how to maintain your car to last many years. 

Since there are so many factors that could enhance the idleness of your car for a long; you’re expected to take your maintenance activities seriously. Regardless of whether you own an old or a new car, your car should be undergoing maintenance even if it’s not cruising for some time.

Darle a su automóvil esta atención ocasional ideal lo ayudará a evitar los problemas cuando vuelva a la pista. Los siguientes son los pasos que le servirán de guía en cómo mantener tu coche y extender su vida útil:  

How to make your Car Last longer

1. Maintaining your vehicle’s battery  

If your cars stay outside for a period of time longer than usual, your car battery is likely to downgrade and go flat before you even know it. Therefore, you can maintain your battery  by using a tickler charger to keep the battery up for a longer duration. 

If your battery goes flat, you’ll probably go for a jumpstart to bring your car back to life. Jumpstarts are not good for your car battery since  it strains the batter, making it wear out easily. Jumpstarting your car can put delicate electrons and other engine parts in danger. 

Por lo tanto, opte por un cargador lento o intente conducir su automóvil al menos una vez a la semana para mantener la batería en buen estado.  

2. Observe su programa de servicio  

Es recomendable realizar un mantenimiento periódico de su vehículo para mantener su estado original y prolongar su vida útil. Los horarios de servicio se basan en el tiempo o la cantidad de millas que uno ha cubierto en un año o después de cada 10,000 millas conducidas. Hoy en día, muchos vehículos advierten / alertan luces para recordarle cuando su automóvil necesita mantenimiento. 

Remember to check your handbook to discover when your car’s service is due and what activities you’re supposed to engage it in. As a car driver, one should budget and schedule for a minor service annually and a major one once every two or three years. Minor services may include oil-changing and fluid replacement as well. 

Some vehicle’s major service processes may include changing of oils and fluids considering the car type and mileage as well. 

3. Relleno de líquido y aceite 

Your car’s fluids are the reason it’s alive and moving around. Failing to refill them can make you face drastic consequences. I recommend you to check your car’s fluid and oil levels once every two weeks. Open your car’s bonnet on the ground level, remove the dipstick, and wipe it with a piece of cloth or rag then dip it back to check the oil levels. 

When pulling it back, the levels should be between the maximum and minimum marker. Dark and dirty oil should be removed and refilled unless you’re using a diesel car since it’s a sign of normal oil combustion.  

4. Revisión de neumáticos  

Tires are the most vital feature your car owns. Since they enhance the car’s movement, they should be maintained and taken care of to avoid causing accidents and other misfortunes that may come across a car without-inflated tires. 

Under-inflated tires may get to increase your car’s fuel consumption. Ensure you check your tires at least once a week to see if they are properly inflated to the required capacity. This will not only save you the fuel costs but also your life and other people’s lives as well.   

5. Reemplazo de cables y bujías 

As car structures keep changing and becoming even more complex, drivers’ desire to do tasks like this on their own is highly deprived. However, replacing lead and spark plugs is a task you can personally perform to increase your vehicle’s performance. This is one vital lifehack on how to maintain your car to last many years. 

Remember to check your handbook for the service schedule due and stick to the service activities of that day. A poor or worn out spark plug will make an indication or hint you through your engine’s performance. 

If the leads show cracks and other signs of wearing out, you’re advised to take your car to a legitimate garage to perform their replacement. However, if you feel like you have all it takes and you’re ready for the task; you can perform this action from your compound’s backyard or your own garage. 

6. Conducción suave  

Understanding how your car works and getting to use its controls effectively is one thing all drivers across the globe should make a habit of. This practice can help you maintain your car and surprisingly, it increases your car’s convenience since hitting the right controls at the right time increases the distance covered with a certain amount of fuel. 

Conduzca con precaución para evitar baches y frenadas de emergencia que aumentan fácilmente el desgarro de algunas piezas del automóvil.  

7. Cambio de filtro de aceite y aire 

Regularly check on your oil as well as air filters to look-see if they’re clogged. These tasks are a piece of cake since it’s particularly swapping old air or water filters with new ones. You can save on filter changing expenses by performing the task yourself. Don’t forget to go through your handbook to consult and refer to filter changing and cleaning services. 

Lave sus filtros para prolongar su vida útil, ya que limpiar la obstrucción los vuelve utilizables. Evite optar por filtros baratos y de baja calidad que podrían dañar su motor a largo plazo.  

How to Maintain Your Car to Last Many Days – Conclusion 

Follow the tips and approaches stated above to lengthen your car’s lifespan. I believe by now you’ve understood how to maintain your car to last many years. By following the above steps as guidelines, you’ll keep your car around for a longer period thus enjoying its services and features for a longer time.

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