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McCulloch MC1275 ¿Limpiador de vapor de servicio pesado? Una revisión

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Keeping your home clean is one of the most important things in the world to many people. After all, it’s where you live, where you raise a family, and where you entertain. Whether it’s a vacuum cleaner or a high-pressure steam cleaner, you want to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

In this article, we’ll review the Limpiador a vapor para trabajo pesado McCulloch MC1275 para ver qué es, por qué podría ser una gran opción para usted y qué tienen que decir otras personas que han comprado el limpiador al respecto.

Características y beneficios del limpiador a vapor McCulloch

The McCulloch Steam Cleaner makes cleaning and powering through tough dirt easier than ever. To learn more about why this steam cleaner from McCulloch is a great option for anyone in the market, let’s go through some of the main features and benefits that you get included when you purchase this steam cleaner.

Potente boquilla de chorro con pulverización continua

Anyone that is in the market for a high-quality steam cleaner is shopping for one because they have some dirt and grime somewhere that they just can’t seem to get clean any other way. That’s where a quality steam cleaner with a powerful jet nozzle comes into play, just like what you get with this unit from McCulloch.

La boquilla de este limpiador a vapor está diseñada para enfocar el flujo de vapor en una corriente poderosa que puede atacar la suciedad y la mugre como nunca antes, de modo que deja una superficie impecable. El mango de la varita también permite al usuario simplemente accionar un interruptor para bloquearlo en la posición de vapor. Esto permitirá que el limpiador rocíe vapor continuamente sin que tenga que mantener pulsado manualmente el botón de vapor como en otros limpiadores a vapor.

Tanque de agua de gran capacidad y tiempo de calentamiento rápido

Con cualquier limpiador a vapor, una de las peores partes de usarlos durante períodos prolongados de tiempo es la necesidad constante de volver a llenar el tanque de agua cada vez que se agota. No solo tiene que volver a llenar el tanque, sino que también debe esperar a que el agua nueva se vuelva a calentar cada vez que lo vuelva a llenar antes de poder comenzar a rociar vapor nuevamente. ¡El McCulloch MC1275 maneja ambos problemas!

With an above-average tank that holds 48 ounces of water, this steam cleaner will last you through any project you’re working on. This huge water tank allows for a continuous spray for a whopping 45 minutes. That’s long enough to tackle almost any job out there that you would be using a steam cleaner for on its own.

If for whatever reason you need more than 45 minutes of operation and you have to refill the tank, don’t worry about it taking all day to heat back up to a reasonable level. This steam cleaner from McCulloch will heat a fresh tank of water in only 8 minutes! That means that you can fill the tank up and let it start reheating while you run inside and grab a drink or pet the dog. By the time you get back outside, the steam cleaner will be warmed up and ready to get back to cleaning!

Accesorio para trapeador de piso

The floor mop attachment is one of the best accessories that comes with this steam cleaner and so it deserves its own feature here. This attachment quickly and easily attaches to the steam cleaner and can then be used like any other floor mop. It will feed hot steam down through it and evenly distribute the steam along the surface that you’re cleaning for the ultimate cleaning power.

Este accesorio de trapeador de piso solo debe usarse en superficies de piso selladas para evitar fugas debido a la limpieza a fondo, pero una vez en una superficie de piso sellada, ¡este accesorio funciona de maravilla! Elimine fácilmente la suciedad y la mugre más duras de los pisos de piedra, madera, baldosas y laminados, dejándolos más brillantes y limpios que el día en que se mudó.

Alcance superior

One of the issues that many people come across with all sorts of appliances, especially cleaners, is the lack of reach due to both the power cord and the length of whatever you’re using such as the hose or wand. Whether you’re using a vacuum cleaner or a steam cleaner, reach always seems to be an issue. And to make it worse you always seem to run out of reach at the worst possible times!

Thankfully the team at McCulloch took care of the reach issues on the MC1275. First of all, this steam cleaner comes with a nearly 16 feet long power cord that enables it to be plugged in once and moved around as needed to clean whatever you’re working on. In addition to that, you also get an extra 9-feet in length from the steam hose. These two combined means you have over 25 feet (including the size of the cleaner itself) worth of length to work with so you should never be struggling with running out of reach again!

Accesorios versátiles

One of the big kickers with this unit is the plethora of accessories that you get in conjunction with the cleaner itself when you purchase the McCulloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner. This unit touts that it includes 18 accessories with it to make it one of the most versatile and all-inclusive steam cleaners on the market. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what all the included accessories (other than the steam cleaner) are:

  • Asa de transporte. El asa conveniente hace que sea muy fácil llevar el limpiador a vapor a cualquier lugar donde necesite llevarlo.
  • (2) 19” extension wands. If the 25 feet of length mentioned above weren’t enough or if you need to be a bit more accurate, these will do the trick!
  • 12”x6” mop head. This is the floor mop attachment mentioned above. It’s 12” width allows it to clean your floors in no time.
  • Cepillo triangular. Perfecto para usar el poder del vapor para limpiar esquinas.
  • Cepillo de utilidad de latón. Agregue vapor al poder de fregado de un cepillo de latón para que el mango tenga la suciedad más resistente.
  • (5) cepillos de nailon. Perfecto para la limpieza diaria con muchos extras para toda la vida.
  • Almohadilla de fregado. Ideal para fregar todo tipo de superficies.
  • (2) almohadillas de microfibra. The best type of pad to clean delicate surfaces that you don’t want to create swirls in or the possibility of any scratches.
  • Boquilla de chorro de vapor. Esta es la potente boquilla de la que se habló anteriormente y que dirige el vapor a una poderosa corriente para que pueda eliminar más suciedad y mugre.
  • 5” squeegee. Ideal para limpiar ventanas a vapor.
  • Embudo de agua. To ensure you pour the water directly into the steam cleaner and don’t spill any.
  • Taza medidora. Te ayuda a obtener la cantidad perfecta de agua en todo momento.

Lo que dicen los usuarios del limpiador a vapor McCulloch al respecto

En este punto, ya conoce todos los beneficios y características que vienen con este Limpiador a vapor McCulloch, so let’s take a look at what the people that have bought and used the product are saying about it. Customer reviews and comments can often tell you a lot more about a product than the manufacturer!

Los clientes están absolutamente encantados con la versatilidad de este producto y lo bien que funciona más que cualquier otra cosa. Clientes de todo el mundo han hablado sobre sus usos para el vaporizador, incluido hacer que quitar el papel tapiz sea más fácil que nunca, usarlo para matar chinches y deshacerse de ellas en la casa, usarlo para limpiar varias superficies en el baño y mucho más Con su potente acción de vapor y sus accesorios versátiles, esta limpiadora a vapor hace el trabajo sin importar lo que sea.

The second most commonly revered aspect of this cleaner by its customers is how easily portable it is. This steamer only weighs 12 pounds in total. When that lightweight construction is combined with the carrying handle, it’s an absolute breeze to move around. Customers have talked about how easy it is to move room to room or area to area and they can simply pick the steamer up and carry it to where they need it to go.

The biggest complaint that customers of this product have most commonly is the excessive use of plastic parts in this design. Many customers feel that there is a bit too much plastic for a steam cleaner in this price range, but even so, they’re often surprised at just how well it works. The use of plastic certainly shouldn’t be a game-changer as long as the product works as well as this one does!

Echa un vistazo al limpiador a vapor McCulloch en Amazon

Now that you know everything there is to know about the McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner, it’s time to give it a shot if you’re in the market for a high-quality steamer! This product will leave everywhere in your home that you use it shining and looking cleaner than ever!

Puedes verlo en Amazon aquí, sabemos que estará feliz con la limpieza impecable que deja el limpiador a vapor McCulloch cada vez que lo use.

McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner Owner’s Manual:[PDF]

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