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Cylinder deactivation is a feature found in many modern cars, especially larger American-built ones. Although this feature is designed to save fuel, it also cuts down on engine power.

So, it is understandable if you want to disable it. But the question is, can you turn off cylinder deactivation?

In this guide, we?re going to explain what cylinder deactivation is, how it works, and what steps you need to take to turn it off.

What is Cylinder Deactivation?

Cylinder deactivation is known in the industry by a few names. You may have also heard the terms active fuel management, displacement on demand, multi-displacement system, or dynamic fuel management being used. All of these refer to the same feature.

With cylinder deactivation, the engine automatically ?turns off? a few of the cylinders to save on fuel. During this process, the deactivated cylinder heads still move up and down with the shaft. However, the difference is that fuel is no longer injected into these cylinders. Thus, no combustion is taking place in them.

This feature leads to an obvious reduction in the power output of the engine. However, it also saves on fuel. Thanks to this, in situations where extra power is not needed, such as a casual drive on the highway, your car will be more cost-efficient to drive.

Why Do Cars Have Cylinder Deactivation?

The idea of cylinder deactivation in cars had been floating around since the 1980s, when the increases in gasoline prices made fuel efficiency a bigger concern for consumers and auto manufacturers alike.

More recently, the pressure of environmental regulation and emissions standards has made companies drastically reevaluate vehicular fuel usage. This has led to more radical methods of curtailing fuel inefficiency, one of them being cylinder deactivation.

Moreover, until recently, cylinder deactivation was not even a viable feature. This was due to relatively primitive computers and the fact that most cars were not computerized. Nowadays, however, not only has this feature become possible to implement, it has become relatively common too.

Why Turn Off Cylinder Deactivation?

As stated above, cylinder deactivation can bring about quite a few benefits in terms of fuel and cost savings. Thus, you may be wondering, why turn this feature off?

The answer comes down to a few different considerations.