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Most of us are beguilingly obsessed with riding our cars. We can drive to brief trips covering as little as 5 kilometers not because we are lazy but because we hate trekking and cherish the moments behind the wheels. Contrariwise, some people totally hate driving and would rather trek or board public buses instead of driving.

If you fall in the category that hates riding, don?t stay too long in that cocoon of self-satisfaction because if you don?t drive for long, you may end up with flat-spotted tires, a dead battery, a stained paint job, and other similar problems. So, how often should you drive your car? Our today?s post will educate you further.

How Often Should You Drive Your Car? ? Reasons You Shouldn?t Let Your Car Sit Too Long

Letting your car sit for weeks or even months in the garage is like setting a time bomb far away from the masses to tame an enemy, hoping the masses won?t suffer. It will explode and the impact would affect both the masses and the enemy.