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How Long Can You Go without Oil Change before Damage?

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If you are a car owner, you should seriously consider oil change after a certain period. As a rule of thumb, you have to do it once every 3 months. For newer models, the time period is a bit different. Sometimes it can create confusion. How long can you go without oil change before damage? In this post, we will try to explain how long you can do it, and what happens when oil change is delayed. 

Determining factors

There are some factors that need to be considered when deciding whether to change oil. Three months is not a precise recommendation. Some experts think that this advice is outdated. What is the current recommendation? Unfortunately there is no pre-packaged answer to this question. Now we will try to understand the details.  

For some, this is personalized because engines are now highly sophisticated. When you need to get your vehicle’s oil changed, take the following three factors into consideration: 

Type of vehicle

This is the main factor that determines your vehicle’s oil change. What type of car is it? The recommendations vary according to the models of cars. For newer cars, oil change is required after relatively longer intervals. The opposite is true for older models of cars.  

Your driving conditions

It does not sound intuitive, but the fact is, long trips are not bad for your car. Rather, frequent short trips are hard on the engine. This is a thing that makes it necessary to change oil. If you drive in a small city but drive frequently, more frequent oil changes are required.

You car’s age

If your car is old, it will need regular maintenance. For newer cars, frequent maintenance is not required. And oil change is a part of maintenance.  

Let’s try to put it in a simpler way. If you have a car which was bought a decade ago, it has suffered a lot of wear and tear. On the other hand, a car bought just a couple of years ago is relatively new. It is certain that the first car will require more frequent oil changes. 

When should you get your car’s oil change? 

For an informed answer, it is important to read the owner’s manual. The manufacturer surely has a specific recommendation. If you are using synthetic oil in a new car, especially a luxury car, you can drive up to 10000 miles before oil changes. There are some car owners who exceed this limit. 

How Long Can You Go without Oil Change before Damage? Now we see that there is no straight answer to this question, but there are some reliable recommendations. 

Whether your car is new or old, you should come in when you feel that your car requires oil change. When you notice the light coming in you do not need to stop the car immediately. In fact you can drive another 100 miles. However you may end up pushing your luck if you exceed the limit. 

Why is it so important?  

You will have to deal with your car’s functionality issues if you do not get the car’s oil changed. So, waiting for too long is a really bad idea. If you stretch your dollar now, you will have to pay more in the long run.

What is the function of oil in your car’s engine? Its main function is to keep the metal parts lubricated. It also removes dirt and heat from those parts. Using an oil filter is a great way to remove debris from your oil. But how long can you go without oil change before damage? To some extent, it depends on the overall condition of your car. 

The oil will get dirty if it sits in your car for a very long time. It will make both the filter and oil ineffective. They will stop doing their jobs. Apart from that, the additive substances make oil gradually become less effective. Dirty oil cannot properly lubricate the parts of the engine. Dirty oil is also less capable of carrying away heat. 

Your car’s engine may stop functioning because of the sludge buildup. And if that happens, you may end up spending thousands to fix the issue. 

If the water levels always remain low even after changing the oil, your car will certainly lose the ability to burn oil. And it will lead to a host of other problems. Educating yourself about the mechanism of the engine is the best way to deal with this problem. 

How long does the process take? 

We should make it clear that taking your car to a mechanic for an oil change is not a pleasant experience at all. If you take your car to a mechanic, the mechanic will get things done in just 15 minutes. If the process takes a bit longer, do not get impatient. It is worth the effort. 

To know how long it is going to take, you can call an auto repair shop and talk about the issue. The process can be completed in a very short time but sometimes you may have to stand in a queue and that can be very time consuming. 

Reading the dashboard lights

You will find it easier to deal with the issue if you have a record of how many miles you have driven after an oil change. Some cars come with a dash indicator. Reading this dash indicator, you can know when you should go to a car repair shop. How long can you go without oil change before damage? To know it, you have to read the dash indicator. Your mileage is tracked by the computer installed in your car.

As you drive the car, you generate data. The system collects the data, analyses it and lets you know whether you should get the car’s oil changed. You have to get the oil changed if the light illuminates. You are advised to do it without delay but in most cases the issue is not serious. 

If your car has a feature that monitors the issue, make sure you are reading it the right way. The oil pressure life and oil life monitoring light are not the same. For a car owner, learning the difference between these two types of lights is of utmost importance. If your car’s oil level is low the oil will not flow smoothly and the light will indicate it. The problem can also arise from a system leak or a malfunctioning oil pump. 

These two dash lights are different and learning the difference between them is important. Stop driving when the oil pressure light starts illuminating. In this way you can avoid engine damage. How long can you go without oil change before damage? To know this, you have to assess the overall condition of your car.

To make sure your car is not burning oil, the car should be checked every month. Add oil if the level of oil is low. How do you know that the oil is good? Well, as a rule of thumb, the colour should be clear and brown-black. It is important to note here that apart from colour, there are other indicators of good oil. 

If the engine starts leaking coolant, the oil will turn milky. An oil change is necessary if the oil is opaque or murky. You will not need a dipstick if your car has an advanced system for monitoring oil. 

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