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How much are new brakes?

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Brakes are very important parts of a car and if it is not in good shape it can be quite hazardous. The safety of your life and that of other road users is key. However, this is dependent on the standard of the brake material used.  The mean cost of a brake pad renewal ranges between $150 per axle up to $300 per axle.  There are other parts of the brake system that might need servicing also; the rotors, the calipers however most often it is the brake pads that are usually replaced.

Grinding sound from the brake system in your car is a red flag that something is wrong with the brake of your car, this makes it pertinent that you have the brakes examined on time. This way your safety is not compromised and increases the longevity of the costly rotors. It is advisable to attend to both sides of the axle of your car when doing a renewal of any part of your car’s brake system.

When you are shopping for the best bargain for brake service, there are many things to consider because there is an assembly of varied implements that is required. There is a substantial contrast in the standard and costs of the materials used, so be sure to find out exactly the quality of pads being fixed to estimate the precise value of the service. It is advisable for you to use ceramic pads or semi-metallic when having a brake pad renewal as they work better and lasts longer.   Brake work comes up once in a while but when it does come up, it should not be ignored because it is amongst the very important servicing you can perform on your car.  You will need to comprehend the work that goes into brake work or brake renewal to arrive at a baseline cost.   In the brake system, the wheels are neatly keyed to an evenly flat steel disc surface called rotors, while the caliper has a firm grip on the rotor.   As pressure is asserted on the pedal of the brake, the friction of the hydraulics moves the brake pads forcefully against the rotor, this process slows down the car. Your car’s mileage must have reached within 40,000-60,000 miles for the pads of your car to require renewal.

Here are a few things you need to know and keep in mind when you require a brake job:

  • When your car requires brake pad replacement, also consider replacing the rotors as well.
  • Front brake pads get renewed more often.

So when considering the cost of a new brake system, to arrive a cost several factors must be put in perspective like:

  • Car type, brand, and model
  • The size and weight of the car
  • The brand of brake pads
  • Your driving habit (there are variations of the brake system with tagged costing; when you make your choice, you will be given the cost price)

These several factors mentioned above make it quite dicey to arrive at a baseline for the cost price of the brake system.  However, on a regular car, baseline cost of front brake pad, front rotor renewal per axle is estimated at $150. Note that labor charges are not included. With professional labor charges inclusive will most likely double that price.

Knowing fully well that ‘variety is the spice of life’ this notion suits the issue of cars and their brake system.   How? you might ask;  due to brand, weight and varied driving habit, at the point, some cars are groaning for a brake part renewal after just traveling twenty-five thousand miles or less while there are cars that brake system can go further above that mileage without the brake system feeling the heat. You might have a good tradition of proper maintenance of your car but on average, you should plan for brake pad renewal every 2-3 years.

Here are a few baselines costing of brake pads price on some of UK’s famous car brands at licensed producers service stations using original parts:

Front brake pads of Mini Clubman = £115 – Front brake discs and pads= £199

Front brake pads of Audi A3 1.6 TDi: = £142 – Front brake discs = £194

Front brake pads of Mercedes-Benz C-Class= £270 – Front brake discs =£325

Front brake pads of Ford Fiesta 1.6 TDCi =£89 – Front brake discs and pads = £175

Front brake pads of Nissan Qashqai = £99 – Front brake discs and pads = £239

Front brake pads of Vauxhall Corsa 1.4 = £119 – Front brake discs and pads= £239

Front brake pads of Volkswagen Golf 1.4 = £154 – Front brake discs and pads= £264

However, it is important to note that the above-listed pricing is not a blueprint cost plan for all cars. There will be variants, more or less the above-stated prices due to car brands, models, the weight of cars, etc.

Another aspect of a car brake system that could be challenging is the brake fluid. During the routine maintenance, the level of brake fluid will be examined and topped if necessary.

Have a look at some of the elements that assists in the maintenance of your car brakes:

Constant check– It is wise for you to invest your time and money on your car through constant checks and maintenance.  Examine your car parts regularly for safety and reliability.

Practice Environmentally Safe Driving– This means driving in a way that promotes longevity in your car. This will keep the key parts of your car are in top shape for a long while.

Are you a ‘pressure’ driver?-  Pressure drivers pay for the costs of their heavy feet because they will spend more money on brake work caused by the pressure they constantly assert on the brake system of their cars. It is high time you learn to assert less pressure on the brake system of your car so as not to wear them out often.

In conclusion, avoid taking chances with the brake system of your car. Faulty brake parts cause deteriorating brake capacity, and increased risks of a mishap.

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