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How To Get Gas Off Hands Safely

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Accidental gas spills during car fueling aren’t something we can avoid. Gasoline spills happen almost often. Spilled gas causes a lingering smell that doesn’t vanish easily. In this article, we are going to discuss the best ways on how to get gas off hands safely.

Once gas spills occur, most people are tempted to use harsh chemicals to clean off the mess. Cleaning spilled gas on your hands isn’t one of the things you can schedule for a later hour or day.

Gasoline is composed of harmful hydrogens known as methane and benzene that if inhaled can harm your respiratory organs. Did you just experience a gas spill and tried to wash it off to no success? 

Can Gas Harm My Skin

The simple answer is yes. Gas contains toxic hydrogens such as benzene and methane that can penetrate the human body through inhalation, causing a serious health mess to your respiratory organs. 

Besides, when gasoline spills on your hands, it unleashes toxic chemicals and particles that could cause skin irritation, burns, inflammation, and peeling.

Getting gas cleaned off your hands the soonest possible is highly recommended. Here are the simple and efficient ways on how to get gas off hands safely.

Safe and Easy Ways on How to Get Gas off Hands

Cleaning gas spills on your hands won’t be tricky if you’ve knowledge of the best methods and supplies to use.  Stay tuned to learn the four basics methods you can use to clean gas spills off your hands safely and effectively.

  1. Using White Vinegar

White vinegar is widely known for its remarkable cleaning properties. Actually, it’s one of the most recommended cleaning solutions for cleaning stains and removing bad odors. 

When gas spills on your hands, you can use vinegar’s outstanding cleaning properties to your advantage. Pour the vinegar on your hands, ensuring it covers the palms and every part of your fingers.

Vinegar will react with gasoline, and since gasoline has weaker chemical properties, its bonds will be broken. 

That will make it easier to clean the gas off your hands. Once you have applied the vinegar, scrub the palms together, while interlocking and messaging the fingers, so it gets to every part of your palms and fingers.

Now, use running water to wash off the vinegar from your hands. Consider using soap or detergent to achieve better results.  

By the time you are done with washing the hands, you’ll notice that the smell of vinegar and gas has gone. 

Now, get your towel and wipe dry your hands.

  1. Using Lemon Juice

Lemon packs tons of useful ingredients, citric acid and its nice smell being the most useful when it comes to cleaning gas spills. For those who don’t know, this is how to get gas off hands using lemon juice.

Get your lemon and squeeze the juice out. Mix the juice with water and then apply it to your hands. 

Rub the lemon juice and water mixture thoroughly to ensure it spreads to every part of your palms and fingers. Keep the lemon juice to water ratio higher to ensure the gas is cleaned off completely.

Use running water to rinse the lemon juice and water mixture off. You can use a hand wash to clean off the remaining juice. Lemon juice is safe and skin-friendly, and so you can repeat the process as many times as you want. 

However, before you apply the lemon juice, ensure you don’t have wounds or scratches as that may cause a stinging sensation.

  1. Use Vanilla Extract

Get any size of cup and fill it with around 100mls of water. Now, add several drops of vanilla extract. You have got the option of adding as many drops as you want until the smell of vanilla extract is strong enough.

Once the solution is ready, apply some on your fingers and palms. Rub the palms together while interlocking the fingers to ensure it spreads to every part of your hand.  

Do this for several minutes until you can no longer smell the gasoline.

Now that the gasoline smell is gone, wash your hands thoroughly with water and soap.  Vanilla extract smells nice, and I am sure you would wish to keep your hands smelling nice. 

So, don’t rub your hands so hard to avoid losing the nice smell.  Once you’re done with the washing, dry your hands with a clean towel.

  1. Salt and Dish Detergent Mixture

Our last great way to on how to get gas off hands is by use of dish detergent and salt mixture. Get your table salt and put about 2 spoons in a cup. The purpose of the salt is to help in exfoliating and reducing the gasoline smell. 

Now, get your salt-containing cup and place it close to the sink for easy access when the need arises.

Get your dish detergent and apply some on your hands. The purpose of the dish detergent is to break gasoline’s chemical bonds. Use enough dish detergent to ensure all your fingers and palms are thinly covered. 

Pour the table salt over the dish detergent and rub your hands together so the detergent and salt spread thinly over the entire parts of your fingers and palms.

Now that the gasoline smell has vanished, wash your hands thoroughly with running water. There is no need to add another detergent or soap. Once you’re done, use a towel to dry your hands.


Now that you know how to get gas off hands easily when next you spill gas on your hands, don’t panic. 

If you’ve read this far, it simply means you’ve equipped yourself with the info needed to ensure you don’t struggle to try to get rid of harmful gas spills when they happen. 

Mechanics and car owners must take note of these tips as they will come in handy almost every day of their daily life.

Always understand how the different methods work and the ingredients necessary if you want to achieve near-perfect results. 

Abstain from using cheap or alternative ingredients as some may not have the qualities needed to clean off the smell and chemical strains of gas. 

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