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Is Carshield Legit? Or Is It Just Another Insurance Scam?

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So, let’s start with the age-old question, “Is extended car insurance really worth it?”. For many car buyers getting an extended warranty gives them that peace of mind that their new shiny vehicle is protected against any unforeseen damages. But according to statistics, over 55% of people who buy extended warranties never really use them.

In truth, many extended warranty plans are quite expensive and offer very little extra protection when you get into the details. They never cover everything that can potentially go wrong. Not just that, in most cases, even if you end up using your warranty for repairs and parts, the cost of that ends up being far less than the costs of the warranty plan.

All of these things, however, does not mean that an extended warranty plan is not the right choice for you or your vehicle. For some, having the extended warranty plan for providers such as Carshield has proven to be quite beneficial. To figure out whether an extended warranty plan is right for you there are several things that you need to be aware of such as:

  1. How does an extended warranty plan actually work?
  2. How much would it cost?
  3. And what are the pros and cons of you buying one?

What Is Carshield & How Does It Work?

Whether you are buying your first car or are a veteran car owner you have likely heard of Carshield. It is America’s largest and most popular third-party vehicle service contract provider that offers a wide range of extended warranty plans for vehicles of all makes and models. These plans usually kick in after the manufacturer’s warranty expires and can be quite useful when it comes to reducing the cost of repairs and replacement if the need arises.

Carshield offers extended warranty plans for both new and used cars and for most car buyers getting the add-on is a no-brainer. Especially for used vehicles that may have only a year or two left of the manufacturer’s warranty. After all, it gives you the peace of mind that in case anything does go wrong you are covered. But is that really the case?

These extended warranty plans may look quite attractive. After all, you would imagine that if a car were to have problems it would likely be after the manufacturer’s warranty runs out. The extra years of protection can be quite beneficial as you would be able to save on those repair costs. And your thinking would be right. In some cases, getting an extended warranty can end up saving you a lot more money in case something does go wrong than the cost of the warranty plan.

However, depending on the plan you decide to get several things that may or may not be included. Make sure to check for details regarding what is actually covered by the extended warranty. For example, does the extended warranty cover all the parts that the manufacturer’s warranty covers? Does it cover routine maintenance? Does it come with roadside assistance or is that extra? All these things matter when it comes to deciding what extended warranty plan is best for you.

Is Carshield Legit?

Carshield is one of America’s most renowned extended warranty providers. The company has been in business for over 15 years and has sold over a million extended warranty plans. The success of the company has largely been due to its flexible and diverse auto warranty plans that even cover special vehicles and high-tech automobiles.

So, yes, Carshield is most definitely legit. When compared to other providers the extended warranty plans offered by Carshield are highly competitive and often offer the best choice in terms of what is available in the market. With ten primary coverage plans to choose from, there is an extended warranty plan for every car owner.

Carshield offers ten primary extended warranty plans that range from the high end such as the diamond and platinum to the more affordable silver and aluminum plans. The top-tier diamond and platinum plans are tailored to provide extensive coverage of all mechanical and electronic components. It is essentially like an extended manufacturer’s warranty.

The silver and aluminum plans are affordable but only cover some of the vital components of the vehicle. The gold plan covers things such as the engine, transmission, water pump, and drive axle. While the aluminum plan offers coverage for all types of electronic malfunctions.

The best part of Carshield extended warranty plans is that all of them come with roadside assistance, free towing, and rental car reimbursements. However, new modern cars, especially the ones built by the Germans and Japanese are designed to run for a lifetime. Auto brands such as Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, and Honda are renowned around the world for building cars that are virtually indestructible.

So, does it then make sense to spend all that money on an extended warranty when there is only a very tiny possibility that anything will go wrong with the car in the first place? The cars are after all designed to last long after the manufacturer’s warranty runs out. So why pay extra for safety that you don’t really need?

The Cost Of Extended Warranties

The cost of the extended warranty plan for your vehicle can vary depending on several factors but on average one can expect to pay about $100 a month for an extended warranty plan. That adds up to $1200 a year and if you have a brand new car from a renowned auto manufacturer chances are you are not going to have the chance to claim any of that money back during the extended period after the manufacturer’s warranty runs out.

Even if issues arise they are likely going to be minor so in most cases you would end up paying a lot more for the extended warranty than what it would cost you to simply repair the vehicle by yourself if something goes wrong. But this isn’t always the case. Sometimes buying an extended warranty plan can work in your favor.

Why Buy An Extended Warranty Plan?

Extended warranties can be a smart buy if you know the condition and age of your vehicle like the back of your hand. If your vehicle is getting old and you know it’s going to probably require expensive drivetrain or engine repairs or parts, getting an extended warranty plan can be in your best interest. Transmission, engine, and other mechanical problems that arise in vehicles over time can be extremely expensive to repair or replace.

The other reason you should consider an extended warranty plan is when you are looking for coverage of components and services that the manufacturer’s warranty does not offer. In short, an extended warranty plan is more valuable the older your vehicle gets.

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