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If you have a car and you care about maintaining it, you know how important windshield washing fluid is. Commercial chemical cleaners are available, but they are not always safe. The good news is, you can use Windex to make windshield washer fluid. Read on to learn how to make windshield washer fluid with Windex.

A few words on Windex

Windex is a mixture of several chemical properties. Apart from water, it contains isopropanolamine, hexyloxyethanol and some other rubbing alcohol. Windex also contains ammonia, lauramine oxide and other surfactant agents.

Alcohols are very much like hydrocarbons, and that is why they are effective degreasing agents. They very effectively fight against oils and moisture. Using hydrogen bonding, the alcohol dissolves the oil. This cleaner also cleans oily smudges and fingerprints.

Windex evaporates easily, and is fairly volatile. And when you mix it with water, it causes the water to evaporate pretty quickly. That is why the glass you clean with Windex dries so quickly.

If the smudges are more stubborn, you need to use Windex with lauramine oxide, which is a heavy-hitting degreaser. This surfactant is also used in dish and laundry detergents. Lauramine oxide can be dissolved in both water and oil.

Windex contains a small amount of ammonia. The amount is less than 5%. Ammonia oxide, technically, is not a strong base. As a rule, bases bond with hydrogen atoms. As a base, ammonia is weaker than potassium hydroxides and sodium, but it can still drive hydrogen, removing proteins and oils.

When you are using Windex to clean glass surfaces, you have to remember a few things. To remove stains, spray them with Windex and allow them to sit for several minutes. The stains are removed over time, thanks to a mixture of ammonia and other ingredients. If there are more stains, a second application is necessary in some cases.

The application of Windex may result in streaking. To reduce streaking, you have to use a clean cloth rag to wipe the glass. We will focus more on that later. Before that, let us learn how you can use Windex to make windshield washer fluid.

How to make windshield washer fluid with Windex easily

Now we are going to provide instructions for making windshield washer fluid with Windex. If you are a car owner and DIY enthusiast, and if you are serious about making glass surface washer, you will find these instructions helpful.

As an owner of a four-wheeler vehicle, you know that the maintenance of your vehicle can not be imagined without windshield washer fluid. If you live in a normal climate, you will not have to deal with any hassle to clean off a windshield. But in extreme cold climate, you will have to deal with layers of grime and ice.

Inside the reservoir of the windshield washer fluid, a pre-heated fluid is stored. And when you squirt it on the screen, it instantly cleans the frost. It happens because in nature the fluid is a bit warm.

Windshield washer fluids are found in different forms. In North America, fluids are used in their diluted form. Antifreeze chemical fluids are used in other parts of the world. For safe driving, this fluid is of utmost importance. But if you do not refill the reservoir for any reason, there is still something you can do.

Well, if you are willing to spend some time, you can make some windshield washer fluid and store the fluid as a backup option. In emergency times, this homemade fluid can make your life a bit easier. By making some windshield washer fluid, you can save some money and time.

For this recipe, you need 1 pint of rubbing alcohol,