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What Car Does Elon Musk Drive?

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What Car Does Elon Musk Drive?

Which car does the Tesla CEO Sir, Elon Musk drive? Of course, all his car models are Tesla models. Being amongst the richest individuals in the world, a huge proportion is always following up and checking up on updates about his professional as well as personal lifestyle. What does Elon Musk drive? This has been one of the most asked questions on the internet. 

A while ago, Tesla was known to be in the production of just one car i.e. from 2008-2012, Tesla produced a car known as the Roadster. They produced the Model S from 2012 o 2015 before introducing the Model X to the market.  

Therefore, Tesla is in production and sales of only three car models namely: Model 3, Model X, and Model S. These three models are modified to vary especially in terms of performance. These three models clearly depict the kind of features Elon Musk looks for in a car. 

He is seen cruising in any of his Teslas; depending on the occasion or purpose of taking the ride outside on a respective day. The CEO tweeted about his car preferences and he clearly stated that he doesn’t consider any special or outstanding features especially when buying a Tesla Car.

However, he is usually known to go for the first units produced as well as the highest performing vehicle at that era.  

Does Elon Musk Own a Tesla Autopilot?  

The Tesla CEO fancies these top 3 Tesla models:   

  • Model 3 performance  
  • Model S performance-  
  • Model X  

He said that he is fond of the Model S performance since it’s equipped with a Full Autopilot development system that was introduced to the market this year. A year ago, it was acknowledged that Elon Musk had an undergoing test for the outstanding Auto-pilot for his Model S since he’d been seen consulting and giving the Autopilot unit feedbacks regularly.  

Tesla cars are prominent for their classic and outstanding performance above other cars across the sphere. The CEO stated that the Model S is the top in terms of performance and user interface experience. Model 3 is so much fun to drive while the X Model is very useful for family cruising especially if you are a father of five kids.  

Besides the CEO’s enthusiasm for these electric cars, Mr. Elon Musk is also a big fan of all four-wheel machines as well as planes. In this piece of text, I’m going to take you through Tesla’s cool cars from his first of many to the fancy Teslas he owns at the moment.  

BMW 320i 1978 

The Tesla CEO bought a 1978 BMW in 1994 and fixed it up himself since it was used and kind of worn out. He enjoyed his ride for about two years until one of its wheels fell off. He claims that this incident occurs sometime back when one of his first company’s interns, was cruising in it.  

1967 Jaguar (E-type) 

Elon Musk went for this car immediately after receiving a bonus for the Software company he had founded along with his brother (Zip2). The Tesla CEO told the world in an interview that at the age of 17, he came across a list of typical convertibles. 

He admitted that the E-type Jaguar had blown him away at the moment and he was looking forward to buying it if he could ever afford it afterward. After receiving the bonus money, he took his shot and brought his ride home. However, Elon referred this vehicle to a ‘bad girlfriend’ due to its recurrent breakdowns and the hard times the Jaguar made him go through.  

What Does Elon Musk Drive? – Mclaren F1 

After losing interest in his Jaguar in 1967, Elon Musk purchased this car after selling his company, PayPal. He claims to have owned this car for various years and drove it from Los Angeles to San Francisco. 

He had the car as a daily driver and even put eleven thousand miles on this beauty. The New McLaren F1 was later introduced to the market at an approximate sales price of about a million dollars. Unfortunately, Elon Musk wrecked this car as he was driving with his PayPal Co-founder, Peter Thiel. 

He wrecked the car on Sandhill road (Menlo park) on their way to visit Michael Moritz. After hitting an embankment and surviving the wreck, Elon abandoned this model and many people were eagerly waiting for his next move asking, ‘What does Elon Musk drive?’  

Lotus Esprit (Submarine Car) 

The Tesla CEO bought this car in 2013. This vehicle was featured in the James Bond movie known as ‘The spy who loved me’. Elon said that he loved the car from the first time he saw it in the movies, he found it amazing. 

However, he was later disappointed to discover that the car wouldn’t really transform into a submarine. He decided to do an upgrade on it by adding Tesla’s powertrain. All he wanted to see was the car transform and achieve the capabilities eventually.  

Audi Q7 

Musk owned this car around 2012 before having the submarine car. This Audi model actually contributed to the modification and customization of the Tesla Model S to achieve its final Falcon wing-like doors. Musk wanted to own this car because one could easily access the 3rd row without putting the 2nd one down. He also owned a Porsche 911 in 2012.  

Ford Model T 

In 2017, Elon Musk revealed that a friend had offered him a ford Model T as a gift.  

What Does Elon Musk Drive? – Conclusion

Above all, Elon Musk’s love for his Tesla model cars is unmatched. He owns a classic Tesla roadster which is believed to be his first Tesla model. However, this Tesla is packed in its own space right now. In 2019, he proclaimed that he spends most of his time with his Tesla Model S performance. 

The world was going wild and everyone was asking and searching ‘What does Elon Musk drive?’. He declared in an interview that he used his Teslas effectively depending on the occasion. Sometimes he’ll go for the Model 3 performance which is super fun to drive and cruise in the model X when out with his family. 

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