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Why Are KIA Cars So Cheap?

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Kia has got an impressive success story characterized by billions of profit sales every year. Even with these success stories, it’s possible to be left wondering why are Kia cars so cheap.

Kia Motors is the oldest and most successful motor manufacturer in Korea that has operated since May 1944.  During its early production years, Kia specialized in creating motorcycles and bicycles under the dynamic, global-Hyundai automatic group. 

Kia has a yearly production of 1.4 million cars with well-known 14 manufacturing and assembly industries in 8 different countries. The cars are produced, sold, and serviced by more than 3000 dealers and distributors around the world. 

Why Are Kia Cars So Cheap – What Is the Cost?

Since its inception, Kia and her cousin Hyundai have strived to offer value. The Kia car prices have risen significantly of late. 

Even at that, it’s still the cheapest car brand existing with the most inexpensive models starting way under $10,000 and the most expensive ones not exceeding $50,000. Let’s discuss the core reasons why are Kia cars so cheap, unlike Subarus which are expensive.

Don’t have the best mileage

I know some people will say that it isn’t a good move to criticize an established brand like Kia. However, to answer this question wholly, we have no option but to say the truth. Kia cars have got a poor gas mileage, something which makes them not as efficient as similar brands. 

In simple words, what we are trying to say here is that Kia cars consume fuels at extremely high speeds. That ends up making car owners and drivers have to visit fuel filling stations more often.

In a simple definition, poor mileage means that the cars have poor-quality oxygen sensors and air filters, substandard spark plugs and fuel injectors, and low-quality or no air conditioners. 

The substandard nature of these features alongside the low mileage makes these cars cheaper.

The production line is limited

All motor industries manufacturer cars under a set of well-planned manufacturing and assembling processes. The most trusted car motor companies use sophisticated and quality-oriented production lines to deliver high-end, performance-oriented, and road-ready cars. That isn’t the case with KIA Motor Corporation.

We aren’t saying that KIA Motor Corporation uses substandard or non-functional production procedures and technologies. 

However, when we compare Kia’s production line to that of well-known and reputed German and Japanese vehicle manufacturers, we can say that the production line is substandard and limited. 

It doesn’t deliver the same value and quality of products you would expect from the high-end and well-known manufacturers who create similar products, which leads to its low price.

They aren’t built to last long

Japanese and German cars are reliable road navigators that can serve for up to 15 years with fewer to no care and maintenance. These cars are designed and packed with high-end features and functions that aim to make them long-lasting. 

They are durable and high-performance enough to serve you for many years with minimal care and maintenance.

As for the Kia cars, they have a limited lifespan of 5 to 7 years. With the limited durability, you don’t expect the cars to be as costly as the Japanese and German car options. So, when you next visit the market to buy a Kia car, you should understand that these cars aren’t the perfect lifelong and durable vehicles.

Cheap production labor

The production of these cars involves cheap labor. KIA Motor Corporation isn’t one of the world’s best-paying employers. 

Of course, Kia employees are paid better than millions if not billions of other employees in other institutions, but that doesn’t mean KIA uses expensive labor to produce their cars.

As a matter of fact, one of the core reasons Kia cars are cheaper compared to other cars in the same quality line is because of the cheap labor employed during production. 

So, if you are among those who have been wondering why are Kia cars so cheap, you now know that cheap labor is a contributing factor towards the low cost.

Poor quality body parts

Kia cars look and feel quite substandard. Most of the vehicles by KIA Motor Corporation are made of low-quality plastic materials. That’s to say that these cars don’t have a punchy design that resists damage in the event they are banged into by other more robust and heavy-duty vehicles. When riding on these cars, you aren’t 100 percent sure that in case of an accident, you won’t end up with extreme injuries.

However, that doesn’t mean all KIA cars are made of substandard plastic material. Some are hardened with high-end stainless steel material, which makes them not only heavy-duty but also strong and durable. 

Unfortunately, most of the KIA cars with hardened stainless steel coating aren’t cheap, as they will cost you as much as $50,000.

Kia cars are disposable

Kia cars don’t offer the best resale value. Even the decently kept and maintained Kia cars will have no resale value after they have been used for more than five years. That’s to say that Kia cars are simply disposable cars that once they have been used for the recommended 5 to 7 years will not make a worth resale.

Don’t struggle to try to revive your Kia car if it has served you for recommended years; otherwise, you will end up spending so much to restore a vehicle that won’t last until you recover your lost money. 

These are simply fashionable cars that should be replaced once they have experienced extreme mechanical and technical issues.


I know you, like most others, have been wondering why are Kia cars so cheap. Who wants to own a cheap car considering the red flags and the many claims of fake vehicles entering the market every other day? 

Kia cars are definitely not expensive, but that doesn’t mean they are worthless and useless. These are some of the best car models you can invest in today since they do not only deliver value for money but also make your rides smoother along suburban and urban roads. 

Considering their low price and value, never pay more for a Kia car as it may not live long enough to give you value for your money.

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