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Why Are Subarus So Expensive?

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Japanese cars aren’t known for affordability. Japanese cars like Subaru and the like aren’t cheap. Want to know why are Subarus so expensive? Read along to get facts into the reality of Subaru pricing.

They are some of the most costly vehicles you can own, and that’s for good reasons. These cars got technological wizardry, impressive engine performances, and crazy-long warranties. They aren’t ordinary car brands for low budget buyers. 

Why Are Subarus So Expensive?

They use an advanced engine and drive systems

Subaru is the world’s most popular car brand that has used the same engine type since its inception. Almost all Subaru cars use the Boxer H4 or Flat engines. These engines are compact in design and are a bit more costly to manufacture. They use advanced V-layout to bring about optimal performance and reliability.

The flat engine layout has a lower center of gravity, making it intrinsically balanced. Its low gravity leads to lower mass and higher frugal accelerating. The boxer engine is undoubtedly the most costly engine type to manufacture. It’s, however, safer and more reliable compared to other engine types.

Also, Subaru uses the symmetrical all-wheel-drive and transmission system that works best with the super-balanced engine. Its exhaust note is also balanced. The engine pushes downwards instead of moving towards the passenger cabin in the event of a frontal impact. All these engine and drive systems contribute to the high cost of ownership.

Highly safe and reliable

Subaru has stood the test of time as one of the world’s most costly cars. One of the factors contributing to the high cost is the 5-star safety rating. Most of the latest car models from Subaru were picked and awarded by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety for being safe and reliable.

Many of the Subaru cars come with standard all-wheel drive. As you know, the 4-wheel drive allows for great traction and performance on icy and snowy surfaces. It allows for seamless weight distribution, which aids boost handling and performance, ensuring smooth rides in off-road terrains. You can enjoy smooth rides in both rough and unsurfaced terrains without worrying about safety if you own any of these Japanese cars.

Also, Subaru cars pack advanced safety features such as driver assistance functions and Eyesight features, which allows for safe rides in high-traffic roads. The eyesight features are designed to optimize driver safety by sending warning signals when vehicles move out of the lane, which lowers frontal impact.

Highly versatile

Another of the reasons why are Subarus so expensive is because of its versatile design and coziness. Subaru vehicles have simple yet realistic designs that accommodate any fashion and use. These vehicles boast superior engineering and craftsmanship that do provide unequaled practicality and durability.  Subarus come with extended warranties, which tells more about their rigidity and strength.

They have rough engine designs and superior suspensions that guarantee lasting performance with minimal hassle. Some of the latest Subarus have the potency to serve for more than three years without experiencing breakdowns or mechanical issues.

These cars aren’t just designed to be durable and practical. Their unique and high-performance designs allow for comfortable and smooth rides. You can always have the assurance of enjoying your rides while steering the wheel, sitting on luxurious seats customized entirely to offer exceptional comfort and relaxation.

Under optimal maintenance, a Subaru car can give you more than 300,000 miles of comfortable rides. And the maintenance only requires regular replacement and oiling of the bearings, pistons, crankshafts, and rings.

Upgrading is cheap

Not convinced why are Subarus so expensive? Have you not heard about the ease and simplicity of upgrading an aged Subaru? Creating a vehicle that can be upgraded at any time with the highest level of simplicity isn’t cheap. You very well know as I do that most cars can cost an arm and a leg to upgrade.

Subarus use the boxer engine, which is super easy to upgrade and downgrade. You can upgrade your Subaru from the integrated engine to turbocharged engines to enjoy more engine power and efficiency at a low cost. The fact that Subarus run on the boxer engine means that removing or adding a turbocharger won’t be a big deal.

The purpose of a turbocharger is to ignite the flow of more engine fuel, which increases the car engine’s total output. The more power your car engine can produce, the more powerful your car will be.

Symmetrical all-wheel drive

Subarus use the symmetrical 4WD technology to start the car. The AWD power is sourced from the powerful boxer engine, which supplies enough power to each of the car’s wheels, minimizing slippage issues even in the harshest road conditions. The purpose of the symmetrical AWD is to keep you and your family safe under all driving conditions and environments.

These engines produce torque steer once the engine’s front driveshafts are equal in length. The AWD works efficiently to prevent the steering from moving to one side when the car accelerates at high speeds. It’s good to note that steering a car with steering on one side can prove to be a real challenge. 

Experts equate symmetrical all-wheel drive to airplane’s wings. The Subaru’s symmetrical AWD works the same way as the plane’s two wings, which work closely to maximize control. In other words, the Subaru symmetrical AWD works to offer your car optimal control even when it is accelerating at super high speeds.


If you’ve always asked yourself why are Subarus so expensive in vain, you now understand the logic behind the high price. The article above has just addressed the main logic behind the high Subaru pricing. Ideally, the reason behind the high Subaru price is the value they deliver to buyers alongside long-standing performance and reliability.

All Subaru models aren’t priced the same. Some models cost more than others, with most of the finest and top-in-the-line models costing more. Also, the latest Subaru models cost more compared to the older models that have been around for some. 

So, when budgeting for a Subaru car, know what you want and go for it based on your set budget.

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