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Why Do Diesels Have 2 Batteries?

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Want to know why do diesels have 2 batteries? You must first understand that diesel engines need more compression to ignite the combustion of the diesel fuel. 

Diesel engines output more power, are more reliable, and guarantee superior performance. The high-power and performance of diesel engines make them a favorite choice in most modern trucks. The high-power output and performance make these engines a bit complex to start. Diesel engines require more battery power to ignite. That’s one of the reasons most modern diesel trucks have dual batteries.

These engines use glow plugs to heat the combustion chamber. The plugs consume high amounts of electric energy, and may not be triggered by the 12 volts outputted by a standard battery. That’s another of the reasons why do diesels have 2 batteries.

Why Do Diesels Have 2 Batteries – How Batteries Are Wired?

The total voltage output of most standard batteries is 12 volts. Wiring batteries in parallel provides more energy output, increasing the total current rating but leaving the voltage unchanged. That means you will have enough energy to use for extended periods, but not at once. That protects your electrical appliances from unsafe connections that could lead to premature damage.

Connecting the batteries in series produces more voltage but keeps the amperage unchanged. Batteries are connected in series to handle applications that need more voltage efficiently. Connecting batteries in series may work when the battery charge is too low to start your diesel engine. Connecting them in parallel is the safest and most efficient way to link up two batteries to run your truck diesel engines.

Needed to Meet the Higher Cranking AMPs

Diesel truck engine’s compression is higher, and so for the engines to start smoothly, more cranking battery energy is needed. That can be got by increasing the total amount of amperage produced by the truck batteries. And that’s one of the core reasons most truck manufacturers are adding modern trucks with two batteries. 

Batteries that are routinely charged efficiently can always guarantee efficiency when it comes to starting the diesel engines. However, one battery may not generate the necessary electric amperage needed to start the batteries during different temperatures and conditions.

For instance, in colder temperatures, diesel engines require more electric power to start. In other words, a single battery may not offer the total electric energy needed to start the high-power diesel engines in colder temperatures. 

Connecting two batteries in a truck equips it ready to handle any energy load passed to the engine in different situations.

Meet Higher Power Demands

Batteries are essentially installed to provide adequate power to ignite the engine smoothly. However, with the increased energy demands in modern diesel trucks, dual-battery systems are designed to supply enough energy for keeping everything flowing smoothly. Dual-battery systems supply adequate power to keep those advanced media systems, heaters, coolers, and gadgets powered.

The modern trucks come packed with advanced dual battery systems to solve the issues truck drivers face due to unwelcoming conditions that make single-battery systems unable to deliver enough power output needed to start the diesel engines.

Benefits Of Having Dual-Battery Systems in Diesel-Engine Powered Trucks

The dual-battery systems in modern diesel trucks aren’t installed for fun. Truck manufacturers understand the threats drivers face when the single-battery systems fail in the midst of nowhere. Want to know why do diesels have 2 batteries, here are the benefits they offer. Read along to grasp a point or two as to why dual-battery systems are better.

  1. Enough power to fuel the electrical equipment

Modern trucks feature a range of advanced entertainment systems and power-requiring comfy systems. They have audio and video systems that need the power to run. They also have high-power requiring heated seats and air conditioning systems. 

The dual-battery systems provide adequate power to ensure truck drivers can enjoy all the conveniences and comforts associated with the entertainment systems, heating, and cooling systems installed in these trucks.

  1. Saves energy and protects the environment

Most truck drivers opt to keep the engine running overnight to minimize battery energy consumption and avoid issues that may arise in case of low battery. Leaving the truck engine running overnight can consume about 3 liters of diesel. 

That’s quite expensive and a threat to nature since it exposes the atmosphere to more carbon emissions. The dual-battery systems aid in avoiding such issues by providing enough power to start the engines. 

If you have the assurance that you won’t have to deal with low battery signals in the morning, you are always confident to put off the truck engines to save energy and protect the environment.

  1. Reduces issues with engine starting

Nothing can make a truck driver more confused and worried than a dead battery in the morning. It would be worse if the driver had a time-specific order or appointment to meet. 

Even when the battery is not dead, most diesel engines will take more time to ignite in colder temperatures. That’s one of the reasons most truck drivers choose to leave their truck engines running overnight.

Dual battery systems provide enough power to minimize engine stability issues. These systems are customized to send alerts when the batteries are low after they have shut down the auxiliary appliances. 

They solve the issues with stability during cold weather and ensure you won’t have to deal with a discharged battery every other morning.

  1. Make your rides smoother

When riding your diesel-powered truck or car, you’re likely to stop severally on the way. It can prove a great challenge if your battery discharges faster than normal. That’s because you will end up having to deal with problems starting your diesel engine every time you make a stop.

Dual-battery systems are installed purposely to prepare your diesel truck or car for such unexpected threats. They pack enough electric energy to start your engine with minimal to no issues even after you make extended stops. 

And since the batteries are two, they discharge a bit slower compared to a single-battery system, which recharges a bit faster when connected to more appliances with the truck engine off.

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