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How do I reset my Ford Instrument cluster?

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How Do I reset My Ford Instrument Cluster?

This article will provide you with knowledge about instrument clusters and finally move on to specifics about how to reset the instrument cluster in a Ford automobile. It is not really that tough to accomplish the task once you get a hang of instrument clusters as a whole.

So, let’s get started and figure out if this article can help you solve the problem you have been facing.

What is an instrument cluster?

The instrument cluster can be simply defined as the bunch of gauges and indicators along with the meters which allows the driver to assess the current condition of the automobile. If that confused you, don’t worry, there is a simpler explanation of what an instrument cluster is. It is simply the dash behind the steering wheel.

What function does an instrument cluster have?

As we saw earlier, the instrument cluster is there to let the driver know about the current condition of the automobile. There are gauges that help you specify the speed at which the car is running along with many indicator lights such as the check engine light or the low fuel light.

Cars are changing into high-end technology beasts as time goes on and their dashboards not only indicate the simple things which were just mentioned above, they also help us switch between drive modes and let you handle various things with the help of buttons on the steering wheel, for example, setting up the cruise control, choosing between fuel save mode or some modern drive modes, etc.

Every dashboard is specific to every car but almost every dashboard has something in common. These features will help you identify any dashboard.


The clusters are circular gauges of various types which indicate a variety of information. Mostly their backs are lit for use in the dark. The common clusters in almost every vehicle are:

  • Speedometer: The speedometer gives information about the speed at which the car is moving.
  • Fuel Gauge: The fuel gauge indicates the amount of fuel left in the car and how far it is from an empty tank or a full tank.
  • Tachometer: This describes the rotation rate of the crankshaft in the engine.
  • Odometer: This tells you nothing but how many miles or kilometers the car has traveled depending on what system the region uses.

How to reset the instrument cluster in a Ford Vehicle?

If you have a new Ford vehicle, to reset you have to do nothing but long-press the MID button on the steering of your car and you will be easily able to reset the whole instrument cluster.

In this case, you will be able to see how many miles the car was driven before you and how many miles or kilometers you have driven, the average distance you can still travel on the fuel you have in your car, the average fuel efficiency, etc. This can all be viewed after pressing the reset button on the steering wheel. Yes, it is that simple!

Now if you are still reading this article, I am assuming that you have an older model without all the fancy digital modes. You have a plain and simple instrument cluster that doesn’t have any fancy features. Maybe a gauge is pointing in the wrong direction or maybe the information on the dash is wrong. In that case, here are the steps which you will have to follow to reset your instrument cluster:

  • Locate the reset button on the dash. In the case of a Ford, the reset button will be the only button on the dash and is usually situated on the right side of the dashboard.
  • Press and hold the reset button and do not leave it.
  • While holding the reset button turn on the ignition key but do not turn the vehicle on.
  • At the bottom right of your dash, you will be able to see a sign “sweep gauges” on the screen.
  • Now you will find that all the gauges are moving on their own and automatically resetting themselves in the proper positions.
  • Your job is done!

If both these processes are of no use to you, there must be something wrong with the instrument cluster itself and you can easily take it to a mechanic and dealership to get it replaced or fixed. There are plenty of Ford owners around the world and it will not be such a difficult task in finding a replacement or finding someone with the knowledge to replace it.

Fixing a basic problem if the instrument cluster is not working before taking it to the garage

You might find that the instrument cluster is not communicating along with the steering control column module. If you run scans and find that all the connections are in sync and the problem still persists, then there’s a fix you can attempt.

Unbolt the instrument cluster and locate its plug. Also, locate the plug which the steering control module is connected to. You will find that the two have been interchanged. This is a common problem. You need to interchange both and finally bolt the instrument cluster back into position and with the switch of a button, you will be able to reset it and let it function normally.

Final Thoughts

Well, this article has gone on about details on what an instrument cluster is. If anyone had any doubt regarding what an instrument cluster is, this article has the information to clear it up.

Along with it, every Ford owner after reading this would have no problems in resetting the dashboard in their car. It is a quite simple process. A properly working dashboard can help you a lot. You don’t want your fuel gauge to show that your tank is full when it is not or vice versa, or do you?

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