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11 Incredible Uses for WD-40 on your Automobile

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Will WD40 damage my paintWater Displacement 40th Formula, best known as WD40, is a spray product produced in California.  This formula protects metal from corrosion and rusting, assists in unsticking parts that will not budge, and dislocates moisture while lubricating almost anything.  Many individuals keep a can or two on hand as it is a miracle product that does a lot of things.  It is super handy to use for your car, truck, or other automobiles that you own.

WD-40 comes in a variety of formulas and various container types.  Some have triggers to make them easier to spray, while others have straws.  One version even has a flexible straw!  These formulas range from a spray and stay gel, to a water-resistant silicone lubricant to an electrical contact cleaner spray.  They also make a line for bikes, an industrial-strength degreaser, a marine-grade water-resistant grease, and a specialist machine and engine degreaser.  The company prides itself on creating products that work hard on the toughest jobs and are very confident that a can will work for you.  If not, they are happy to offer a refund due to their money-back guarantee.

Many are concerned about using WD40 on their cars, as they are unsure if it will harm the car paint.  Here we will discuss if WD40 will damage car paint, as well as the top ways to use WD40 for your car.

Will WD-40 Damage Car Paint?

For many people, their car is their pride and joy.  It has been a way for them to get to places, such as work, stores, family gatherings, vacations, and more.  People feel good about owning a car that is reliable for so many things.  They want to take care of it to keep it looking it’s best for years to come.  Many turn to WD40 to help them with this.  However, there is always the concern of if WD40 will damage car paint.

The great news is that WD-40 will not damage car paint!  Which many love to hear because there is a good deal of uses for WD40 on a car.  You should note that after using WD40, you will want to wash the area with soap and water as it has been known to change the appearance of the wax that is already on the vehicle.

WD40 is formulated with silicone, the same as many waxes and polishes that you use on vehicles.  There are no harmful ingredients in the product that will damage car paint.

11 Uses for WD-40 on a Car

There is a whole bevy of uses for WD-40 on a car.  This degreasing agent is so useful, you will want to make sure you always have a can of it on hand!  It is mineral-oil based, so the paint will never be damaged.  However, if the excess is not wiped off or cleaned up properly, the car will look greasy and attract more dirt.

  1. Keep dead bugs at bay with WD-40. This degreaser is well-known for being sprayed on the grill of a car.  When this is done, and bugs hit your moving car, they slide off better.  And if they do happen to get stuck, it makes cleaning the grill of your car so much easier when it has been sprayed with WD40.  And if a bird dropped some undesirables on your car, you can easily spray that area with WD-40 to quickly and easily remove the matter.  Just make sure there is soap and water available to rinse it off afterward to keep your car looking its best.
  2. Have a small paint scuff on your car where another car got just a bit too close?  WD-40 can help in removing this mark.  Just spray on a bit of this magical potion and lightly rub away at the scuff mark.  It should be noted that this use should only be used on small portions of a car and not large scuff marks. Once you have rubbed the scuff out, be sure to rinse with soap and water.
  3. Is your license plate looking old and rusty?  If so, take WD4-0 to it.  Just spray on, leave it to sit for 30 seconds, then wipe it down with a rag.  Rinse with soap and water and the license plate will look as good as new.
  4. See some grease on part of your car?  WD-40 can help you with that.  This special formula will easily remove grease, grime, and dirt from any car part.
  5. Want your tire sidewalls to sparkle and shine?  Simply spray on some WD40 to clean up this area of your tires.
  6. Have your car doors ever froze shut in the blistering cold?  If so, WD40 has been known to unstick both car doors and windows, making sure you are always able to get into your car when you need to most!
  7. Like to save money?  If so, you can spray WD-40 on your windshield wipers to make them more pliable and last longer!
  8. If you have ever had a vehicle not start due to hot or humid weather, be sure to keep a can of WD-40 in the car.  It will not only remove carbon residue but keep moisture at bay from both the spark plugs and the spark plug wires.
  9. Have some headlights that look a bit foggy?  Spray on a bit of WD40 to restore them back to new!
  10. Have greasy hands from working on your car’s engine?  Simply spray WD-40 on the hands to loosen up the grease, then wipe down with a rag.
  11. You are also able to clean and shine the engine’s bay.  Spray WD-40 on, then wipe down a rag.


WD-40 is a miracle spray that does so much around the house.  Every home should never be without a can of it.  This spray can help car owners with various issues, making life easier for them.  It will not damage your car paint, so you will never have to worry about that issue.  Just be sure to rinse the car after using WD40 to make your vehicle looking its best.

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