how to donate a car in washington state

Donate a Car in Washington State For those who are looking to get rid of a vehicle, there are quite a few options. Sure, you could attempt to sell or trade in your old vehicle. However, you might be disappointed in the value. If your vehicle does not run, you …
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how to donate a car to NPR

How to Donate a Car to NPR When it comes to getting rid of a vehicle you no longer want or need, there are several options you could consider. While privately selling the car may sound appealing, not all vehicles sell easily. This is particularly true if they are older, …
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how to get better fuel economy from a pickup truck

How to Get Better Gas Mileage in a Truck Gas can be expensive for anyone, but this is especially true for truck drivers. Most drivers feel like this is just a part of truck ownership. However, there are a few tips and tricks that, when used together, can help you …
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are radar detectors illegal in Pennsylvania?

Are Radar Detectors Legal in PA? Avoiding confrontations and dealings with police is generally a good idea. From potential tickets and fines to court fees and jail time – speeding can lead to significant financial hardships and potential criminal charges. While we never recommend speeding, it is a common practice …
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how to fix scratches on a plastic dashboard

How to Fix Scratches on a Plastic Dashboard Anyone who has ever owned a vehicle with a plastic dashboard knows how easy it is to scratch. If this has happened to you, you might be in luck. Below are three different ways you might be able to fix scratches in …
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