are radar detectors illegal in Pennsylvania?

Are Radar Detectors Legal in PA? Avoiding confrontations and dealings with police is generally a good idea. From potential tickets and fines to court fees and jail time – speeding can lead to significant financial hardships and potential criminal charges. While we never recommend speeding, it is a common practice …
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how to fix scratches on a plastic dashboard

How to Fix Scratches on a Plastic Dashboard Anyone who has ever owned a vehicle with a plastic dashboard knows how easy it is to scratch. If this has happened to you, you might be in luck. Below are three different ways you might be able to fix scratches in …
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how to use a fuel pressure tester

How to Use a Fuel Pressure Tester Fuel – it is the juice that makes your car go. But did you know the pressure it is delivered at matters? Below, we talk about why fuel pressure is important, what fluctuations may mean, and how to test it. Why Fuel Pressure …
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keep an eye out for deer crossing the road

Do Deer Whistles Work On Cars? If you’ve ever had a motoring accident involving a deer, you’ll know how damaging it can be. Over the years, there have been numerous different approaches employed to try and reduce the potential for collisions on country roads. That includes putting up fencing to …
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Georgia State Route 285

Are Radar Detectors Legal in Georgia 2018? Do you enjoy living life in the fast-lane? Many Americans love speeding down the country’s highways and byways. It’s as American as apple pie. However, law enforcement doesn’t share your view. They don’t see it that way. We’re sure you’ve experienced that sinking …
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