How to clean windshield wipers with vinegar

Keep Your Wiper Blades Clean with Water and Vinegar Despite the rainy morning encouraging you to stay in bed, you get up on time and start your morning commute. It looks like you’ll slide into your morning meeting with the boss right on time. Success! Your commute includes a stop …
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how to clean black cloth car seats

How to clean black cloth car seats I am a sucker for cars with an all-black interior—sleek, sophisticated, and… very easy to get dirty. Every mess a normal person makes in their car seems magnified on a black interior. Morning coffee? Spill stains. Wife and daughter? Long strands of their …
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Does Autozone replace headlights?

Does Autozone Replace Headlights? When a headlight goes out on your car, it’s quintessential that you get it taken care of as soon as possible. In fact, it’s something that should be addressed immediately to prevent having no headlights whatsoever. The Importance of Working Headlights If you have one headlight …
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How to restore grey plastic bumpers

How to Restore Grey Plastic Bumpers Do you ever feel like your car constantly needs to be washed? Has it gotten to the point where your bumpers have completely turned into a different color from all of the wear and tear? Getting your car washed and detailed professionally can be …
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Are radar detectors illegal in Maryland?

Are radar detectors illegal in Maryland?  Radar detectors are a lifesaver for those of us on the roads that have a need for speed. Radar detectors detect the frequency of the speed-detecting guns used by law enforcement. As these radar guns have advanced and increased their range, so have radar …
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