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Are Radar Detectors Legal in Georgia?

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Are Radar Detectors Legal in Georgia 2018?

are radar detectors legal in georgia 2018?Do you enjoy living life in the fast-lane? Many Americans love speeding down the country’s highways and byways. It’s as American as apple pie. However, law enforcement doesn’t share your view. They don’t see it that way. We’re sure you’ve experienced that sinking feeling in your stomach. As a traffic officer steps into the road, and waves you to pull over.

They visit your window; you know it’s all over. The officer pulls out their book and starts writing you up. A speeding ticket costs you; it hits you where it hurts. The cost of a fine is high. However, speeding is a risk we all take without a second thought. Why purchase a car with the capability of racing down the road at 150-miles an hour? It’s silly if you never do it. Sometimes we throw caution to the wind. We push the pedal to the metal. It’s in our being to go fast, so why fight it?

Fortunately, there are technology companies that understand our need for speed. The introduction of radar detector technology helps. It gives speedsters and petrol heads confidence. They help them push the boundaries of the speed limit. Install a radar detector in your vehicle. It keeps you one step ahead of the law. Charge down the open road without fear.

Radar Detector Technology Explained

Understanding radar technology isn’t that challenging. A speed gun, like the type used by metro officers and highway patrol, is a simple piece of tech that consists of a radio transmitter and receiver. The device fluctuates electrical current, varying the voltage frequency, generating electromagnetic energy, then pushes it out into the air in wave format.

The transmitter is an amplifier which adjusts the power of the electromagnetic wave, while the antenna broadcasts the energy out into the air around the device. A radio receiver acts oppositely; it collects the electromagnetic waves from its surroundings and converts them back into the electrical current. Radar is, therefore, the ability to detect and monitor the distance of objects from your location.

A radar device pushes a radio wave into the environment. It senses any echoes in electromagnetic activity. Objects positioned in the path of the electromagnetic wave will reflect the energy. They return a radio wave to the radar device. This reflection allows the device to detect the distance of objects. It uses the duration of time it takes for the radio signal to return to the radar device.

The “Doppler shift,” determines the number of fluctuations of energy over time. When a moving object, such as a car, reflects a different point in space, the wave pattern changes. Therefore, each part of the signal reflects upon reaching the vehicle. This effect mirrors the output signal.

Based on the changes in frequency, a radar gun calculates how fast a vehicle is moving. Radar technology is the gold standard of speed enforcement. It’s been around since the late sixties and is still in use today. However, this technology is at the end of its rope. Now many police officers and patrolmen use a new radar device. This device, known as lidar, uses light waves, instead of radio waves.

Modern Radar Detectors and Jammers

As explained, conventional radar detectors are a passive device. They pick up the presence of police radar guns, using a simple radio receiver. However, recent developments in the technology have changed the game. They now enable speedsters to elude detection and prosecution by law enforcement.

These sophisticated units include a radio transmitter, which blocks the signal emitting from law enforcement radar guns. The technology works by replicating the signal from the radar gun. It blends with other radio noise. Therefore, the radar receiver is unable to determine the source of the echo. It confuses the system, preventing law enforcement from obtaining an accurate speed reading.

Some more modern radar detectors include a light-sensitive panel. This panel interprets the beam from a lidar gun as well. Lidar guns are more efficient than traditional radar devices. They can focus on the target with greater accuracy and over a further distance. Therefore, a radar detector that cannot sense lidar beams is limited. It will only detect the presence of the lidar gun when it is already in the lidar field.

Black surfaces absorb more light than lighter colors. Therefore, a black car might not be as easily detected by a lidar system. This fact is also one of the reasons why speedsters choose to use reflective license plates on their vehicle. The reflection provides more time to detect and evade a lidar signal. These countermeasures reduce the range of the lidar signal. However, they do nothing to assist or extend the scope of the radar detector.

Therefore, implementing this strategy gives the speedster a fraction of time to react. This time allows the driver to reduce speed before the lidar system picks them up.

Laser Jammers

A laser jammer is another popular option for speedsters. It helps them avoid detection from a lidar system. The unit works in much the same manner as a radar jammer. The unit features the same light-emitting panel found in the lidar unit. It also features LED’s that produce an independent light beam.

The LED light beam shines onto the lidar detector unit. This beam confuses the system. Therefore, the detector cannot receive the information it needs. Consequently, it can’t calculate an accurate speed reading. While these laser jammers do work, they do not offer a consistent level of operation. Their efficacy may change, dependent on environmental conditions.

Is it legal to use a radar detector in Georgia?

According to legislation in the State of Georgia, it is 100-percent legal to own and operate a radar detector or laser jammer in your vehicle. Therefore, you won’t receive a ticket for using one. If a law enforcement officer pulls you over, you’ll be okay. You will not be subject to any additional fine or jail time. They are unable to prosecute you for its use in the State of Georgia.

However, it’s important to note the following. Installing a radar detector in your vehicle means that you intend to use it to evade the law. Therefore, if a police officer pulls you over, you could be in trouble. If they find the radar detector, they’re more likely to write you a fine. If you didn’t have one, they might let you go with a warning. The choice is up to you.

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