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Armour all Leather care

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Armour all Leather care

Armor All is a company that produces a vast array of cleaning and protectant products for use on vehicles. While there are multiple products on the market, their most popular are their traditional Armor All Multipurpose Cleaner and their Multipurpose Cleaning Wipes.  These products are meant to be used on all surfaces of your car.  The information on both of these products claims that they are safe to be used on the “dashboard, vinyl, fabric, carpet, consoles, and more.”  Even though Armor All Multipurpose Cleaning products claim to be safe for many surfaces, are they safe to be used on leather?

Are Armor All Cleaners Safe for Leather?

The traditional Armor All Multi-Purpose Auto Cleaner products, both the spray and wipes, are NOT recommended for use on the leather surfaces of your car. This type of cleaner is meant to be used on the other surfaces of your car, such as vinyl, carpet, dashboard, and plastic.  There are, however, products made by Armor All that are safe for use on the leather interior of your car.

Armor All cleaning products that claim on their packaging to be safe for leather are, indeed, safe to use on the leather interior of your car.  For example, the Multipurpose Cleaner and the Multipurpose Cleaning Wipes are safe to use on all surfaces of your car, including leather. The cleaning solution that is in the spray bottle or is saturated on the wipes is specially formulated so that it is safe to use on many different surfaces without harming them in any way. This includes leather. Just be sure to double check the label of the product you are using to confirm that it is safe for use on leather.

How to Use Armor All Cleaning Products on Leather

Once you find an Armor All cleaning product that is safe for use on the leather interior of your car, follow the steps for use on the product.  For cleaning products in wipe form, simply wipe the surface you wish to clean, and you will remove dirt and grime from its surface. This includes leather.

If you are using a product that is in spray form, the instructions are a little different.  Hold the spray bottle at least six inches away from the surface that you are spraying.  Spray the leather surfaces that you would like to clean.  Then, use a damp cloth to wipe the product off of your leather until there are no streaks or wet spots.  Using a damp cloth is important because it is the softest material to use on delicate materials such as leather.

Armor All Leather Protectant

If you are interested in not only cleaning, but protecting the leather interior of your car, then you are in luck. Armor All has a line of products that is made specifically to protect and enhance the quality of your leather car seats.  If protecting and conditioning your leather is what you are after, search for the line of Armor All products that are designed specifically for leather care.

Armor All Leather Protectants are made with surfactants and water-based silicone emulsions to keep your leather safe.  These formulas contain absolutely no alcohols or petroleum distillates. When you use these on the leather parts of your car, you will be protecting the leather from fading and drying out or cracking and discoloration.  They also protect from harmful UV rays and the damage they cause. Regular use of these products will have your leather looking like new and your car feeling and looking fresh.

How to Use Armor All Leather Care Protectant

To use Armor All Leather Care Protectant on the leather interior of your car, there are a few steps to follow.  First, shake the bottle well to evenly disperse the fluid inside.  Second, spray your leather interior liberally with the protectant.  Use a clean, damp cloth to wipe away the product, swiping over multiple times to remove an excess lingering behind. Use these products once a week to maintain the supple and shiny leather in your vehicle.

What if My Leather is Already Damaged?

If the leather interior of your vehicle is already damaged, Armor All cannot fix it, but may be able to help.  Depending on the type and severity of the damage, Armor All Leather Care products are able to clean, condition, and protect your damaged leather to help restore some of its original luster. While this does not fix damaged leather, it will potentially camouflage some of the damage so that it does not look so severe.

The best Armor All product to use on damaged leather is the Armor All Leather Care Gel.  This is a thick, gel-like product that goes on the leather of your interior. Squeeze the Leather Care Gel directly onto your leather car seat and use a clean cloth to spread it evenly over the entire seat.  You will only need about a quarter size amount to clean one whole car seat. While you can use any of the Leather Care or Leather Care Protectant products on damaged leather, the Leather Care Gel will work the best to make your interior look less damaged.

Final Thoughts

To answer the initial question, there are a few Armor All Products that are not intended for leather areas and will damage your leather after long time use.  However, the majority of the rest of Armor All’s products are safe for use on leather.  If you are ever unsure, check the product information on the cleaner or protectant you choose.  This will tell you for sure if your leather will be safe after use.  Keep in mind that one accidental use of a product not made for leather will not destroy it immediately.  Just be sure that the wrong product is not used multiple times, because then damage could occur.

Using a combination of leather cleaners and leather protectants is the best way to keep the leather interior of your car looking like new. Clean and protect your leather at least once a week to maintain its natural beauty.

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