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How Long Can You Drive on a Tire with Fix a Flat?

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If you are a car owner, sooner or later you will have to deal with flat tires. It is not easy to change a flat tire, because you may not have all the tools needed to get the job done. How long can you drive on a tire with fix a flat? In this post, we will try to answer this question and provide some tips on driving a car with fix a flat.  

Once you have identified the location of the damage, it is pretty easy to plug the hole and fix a flat. Until you find a nearby gas station and fix the issue, you will be able to drive your car pretty safely. It is not advisable to use a tire sealer if your car has tire pressure warnings. 

Important things to know about Fix-a-Flat

This is a tire repair aerosol that can greatly help you deal with a flat tire emergency. By using this product, you can easily and quickly get back on the road. With Fix-a-Flat, you can not only repair your flat tire but also inflate it. 

Fix-a-Flat is composed of a small amount of air and some liquid sealant. When the button is pushed, the tire sealant enters the tire. Then the sealant seals up the puncture. 

It is important to remove Fix-a-Flat within 100 miles or 3 days, whichever comes first. The shelf life of this product is 3 years. If the product is used as directed, it is guaranteed to meet the specifications. 

How long does it last?

Now, the question is: how long can you drive on a tire with fix a flat? To some extent, it depends on your luck. According to the manufacturer, it lasts for 100 miles or 3 days, whichever comes first.

However, a better idea is to use the product just for the purpose of going to the nearest tire shop. If the puncture is caused by something sharp, chances are that the item is stuck to the tire and it will cause multiple punctures.  

If it is a sidewall puncture, most probably it is irreparable. If it is repairable, the sooner you get it fixed the better. So, even if the effectiveness of the product lasts for 3 days, you should not wait for such a long time. 

A flat tire can not be permanently repaired with Fix-a-Flat. The product is meant to enable you to take your car to a tire shop. To get the issue fixed, you will have to get help from an experienced mechanic.

Even distribution of the chemicals inside the tire is important, but even distribution is not guaranteed. Uneven tread wear can result from uneven weight, and that can lead to difficult driving conditions. How Long Can You Drive on a Tire with Fix a Flat? It depends on several factors. But one thing is clear and that it does not fix the issue permanently.

Tips for using Fix-a-Flat

If you are going to use Fix-a-Flat to repair a flat tire, take the following tips seriously. Hopefully these tips will make the process a lot easier. 

Find the right materials

The first thing you have to do is to buy a can of Fix-a-Flat. Waiting for the last minute is not a good idea at all. Make sure you always have this product in your car. 

Take the car to a safe place

If you are still driving your car, keep driving until you find a safe place. It is better if you find a parking lot. If there is not a parking lot nearby, make sure the place is safe. How long can you drive on a tire with fix a flat? You can drive up to 100 miles, but stop driving as soon as you find a mechanic nearby.

Find the leak

Once you notice that the tire does not have enough air and is not working properly, it is important to find out the location of the leak. The type of the leak will determine whether the issue can be fixed with Fix-a-Flat. 

Assess the damage 

If the tire is damaged, the damaged part will look deflated. Please note that the issue can not be fixed if the tire is completely flat. Large cracks and tears in the sidewall can not be fixed with Fix-a-Flat. This product is not a permanent solution to the problem. If the damage is severe, find a certified mechanic. 

Identify the hole or tear in the tire 

Identifying this spot may or may not be easy. In some cases, the hole or will be obvious. You can easily find the hole or tear if it has been caused by a nail. Here is a hint: Fix-a-Flat will not work if the hole is larger than a-fourth of an inch. So, if you want to fix a large hole with Fix-a-Flat, this product will not make you happy.

Open the valve

Find the cap valve and unscrew it. You can do it with a simple screwdriver. You will have to put the cap back on, so make sure it is placed in a clean, easy-to-find place. Before you use Fix-a-Flat, properly shake the can. 

Attach the nozzle

Use a screwdriver to attach the nozzle onto the valve. Ensure security when you do it. When you have completely secured the nozzle onto the valve, air will inflate the tire. It is important to note here that one can of Fix-a-Flat should be used in one tire only. The same can should not be used for several tires. 

Close the valve

Once you have completely emptied the can into the tire, you will have to unscrew the nozzle. The next step is to replace the valve cap. The process is not hard at all. This is a pretty straightforward thing. You do not need any technical knowledge to do it.

Inflate the tire

Then you have to inflate the tire. Make sure it is inflated to the recommended psi level. Chances are that you will find the recommended psi level on the tire itself. If you do not do not find the recommended level there, visit the product’s website. Keep inflating until it reaches that level. 

Use an air pump to fill the tire

You will find an air pump in any gas station. Use a tire gauge to check if the air is as per the recommended level of psi. If you do not know the recommended psi level, see the car’s manual or visit the company’s website. You may also find this information on the tire placard. 

Immediately drive the car

Once you have used Fix-a-Flat, you must immediately drive the car. It is important, because it will increase the pressure on the tire and evenly distribute the sealant on the tire. Remember, even distribution of the sealant is of utmost importance. In some cases, the sealant may not get evenly distributed even if you have driven the car for some time.

How long can you drive on a tire with fix a flat? The company claims that you can drive for 100 miles. But it is good to stop driving as soon as you find a mechanic nearby. To fix the problem permanently, you have to find a mechanic.


Using Fix-a-Flat is not a permanent solution to the problem; it is just a temporary solution. You will need the help of a professional to repair or replace the tire. And when you go to the professional, tell the person that you have temporarily fixed the problem with Fix-a-Flat. Knowing this information is important for a professional. 

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