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How to Get Road Paint Off Car

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We have all been in incidents where we unknowingly drive over freshly splattered road paint. This yellow paint not only taints the underneath of your car, but it also stains the lower sides of your car. It is easy to get road paint on your car, which can damage the paint coating and make it appear less appealing. Thankfully, there are also numerous easy ways to get road paint off a car. Removing the paint stain is not hard if you are careful and gentle enough.

One of the first important steps that you can do to contribute while removing paint off your car is by being patient. Patience is key. Take the paint job slowly and steadily. It may not show much improvement at first, but you will get your desired result of you keep working on it with consistency.

Road paintings take time to dry, and if you are the unsuspecting victim who maneuvered your car over the wet paint, you already know how it is going to be.

Wet road paint can splash up and splatter the underside as well as the sides of your car with paint.

This splashed paint leaves your vehicle covered in road paint. Although it is not the easiest thing to remove, it can be done without much stress.

If you find your car in a mess of paints, below are some ways that will help in removing raid paint from your car without damaging its paint in the process. However, as they say, prevention is always much better than cure so, the best help will come from the car’s form of protection. Lubricate your car with a generous amount of wax, an efficient sealant, or a durable coating. This will make it more easy for you to wipe off the extra paint from your car. Removing paint from an unprotected car paint can be more tiresome and tedious.

Methods to remove road paint off a car

  1. Soap

Soap has to be your first option when it comes to removing road paint off your car. All you need to do is use regular soap and apply it on a towel or sponge and scrub away. It is safe to scrub as much as you want as soap will not damage your paint on your car. This almost seems too easy and mild for a start, but there is no need to create potential risks if you can help it. A bar of regular dish soap works wonders in removing road paint off of your car.

  1. Cleaner Wax


Car wax can help in removing several alien compounds. Cleaner waxes have harsh chemicals which facilitate in removing mild tar and paint from a car. Due to its strong quality, some of the good quality cleaner waxes have information on its harshness of the label.

This method requires no bodywork.

  1. Peeling It Off

Road paints are primarily latex-based and do not stick very well with enamel paints. Therefore, if your car has a relatively heavy coating, you can carefully try to get in between the two coatings and peel it off in layers with the use of a razor blade. If you have enough bite, peeling the paint can be easy and will not damage the surface of your car.

While using razor blades to peel off the paint, plastic razor blades are recommended as they will not have the risk to scratch or mark your car’s paint.

You can also use a dryer to soften up the road paint to make the peel-off more efficient, but be careful of the car’s paint as it can soften too.

  1. Tar and Bug Remover

A tar and bug remover can remove much more than just tars and bugs. With this remover, you can clean and wipe off paint, bugs, tars, and many other road dirt that can come in contact with your car. This method is more speedy than an oil change.

Although the remover has harsh compounds, it is safe to use on your car without causing any damage to the car paint. This method may require some effort from you to acquire more positive results. After applying the remover, gently rub the area in a circular motion as though you are applying wax. The remover has a combination of wax type compounds and chemical solvents. This mix works on removing alien matters such as paint from your car.

  1. SofScrub

You can also remove paint from your car with the help of SofScrub. SofScrub is a concentrated formula with a deep action cleanser, which is ideal in removing the most challenging stains on the surface of the car’s paint. The cleanser is easy to rinse off and leaves no residue behind.

Dip a non-scratch sponge in hot water and take it out and squeeze it. Then drop a little amount of SofScrub on it and gently scrub the car.

It is ideal to do a test on some insignificant spot before the real application. You can test it on the underside of the car and see if the cleaner is safe without harms of causing damage to your car’s paint.

  1. Rubbing Compound

Most stripers use latex-based paint when they paint the roads. Therefore, it is vital to get a compound that erases latex while keeping the car paint safe.

One such compound is the Rubbing Compound from Turtle Wax. This method is also recommended to do a test check-up before working on the whole portion of the area to clean. Latex paint removers are also ideal for removing road paints off a car.

  1. MF towels and Mineral spirits

Dip an MF towel in mineral spirits and dab them over the particular area you want the paint to be removed. The mineral spirit-soaked MF towel gradually soaks up the spirits in the road paint and loosen it up.

Rub them off after a while. You can either rub it off from the surface or use clay to clean it up.

  1. Motsenbockers

Motsenbockers is one of the best brands that make quality cleaning products. They have all kinds of cleaners of high quality, which receive praise when it comes to cleaning even the most stubborn stains.

The brand also features wet wipes that can conveniently wipe off-road paint from your car.

  1. Apply in Vaseline and leave overnight

This petroleum jelly based product has a thick paste that contains solvents that can loosen up the paint.

This method involves rubbing Vaseline on the affected area and leaving it to soak overnight. You can rub the surface to reveal a clean, brand new looking surface the next day.

  1. Oven cleaner


This method comes with its own risk on what threats long term use could bring to the car’s paint.

Take an oven cleaner and spray it on the road paint splatter. Let it soak for a while, but note that it should not dry up.

After a while, the road paint should be soft enough to remove safely. You may have to repeat until you get the desired result. The oven cleaner can be rinsed off with water after use.

  1. Pressure washer

An ideal form of protection helps in preventing the road paint and the car paint from bonding into one another.

A pressure washer alone is sufficient to get rid of the road paint stains. Although it seems like an extremely easy solution, keep in mind that the force behind the water is strong and may cause damage to sensitive car paints.

  1. Baby wipes

Baby wipes use petrochemical ingredients in their products. They are present in very small quantities to not harm the skin while big enough to cause an effect on specific materials.

If the stain is a light one, wiping it with baby wipes will produce effective results. Take care of the car paint as the wipes may dull the surface of the paint. It is safe on the wheel arches.

  1. Do It Yourself

Be wary when you attempt this method. Removing a layer of paint while keeping the layer underneath unscathed is not an easy thing to do.

This method is easier done when the paint is still on the drying process. But always remember, no matter which method you opt for, your patience plays an important role in determining the result.

What to Avoid while Removing Raid Paint off a Car

Try to avoid mineral spirits or solvents, such as lacquer thinner and much as you can. They have a possible chance of staining the car paint coating.

Do not meticulously scrub the car’s coating with a scouring cleanser or a solvent.

The methods mentioned above put off your need to rely on sandpaper to remove pains from your car while damaging its finish. Repainting and sanding are two top possible causes why your car looks dull and unpolished. If you are able to remove the road paint using one of the methods mentioned above, top the car with a good wash and a fine coat of wax.

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