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How To Hotwire A Car? Tips Full Guide 2022

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How To Hotwire A Car? Hotwiring a car is a skill that can come in handy in a pinch. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to hotwire a car, follow these steps and you’ll be on your way in no time.

How To Hotwire A Car?

Before we get into details, let’s give you a brief overview of the three most effective ways to bypass the ignition. These are:

  • The dashboard is powered
  • Make a hole in the lock.
  • Do not touch the wire underneath the steering wheel

It is important to talk about each method in detail. This article will help you understand how to hotwire your car in an emergency.

1. The Power of the Dashboard

Find the Red Coil Wire Below The Hood

For cars equipped with V8 engines, the plug and coil wire are located at the rear. It will be found on the right side of four-cylinder machines. Six-cylinder engines will be located on the left side, near the middle of the engine.

Connect the Jump Cable

Jump cable from the positive terminal battery terminal to any positive terminal on the coil. You can also link it to the wire that leads to the ring. This action will power the dashboard, and the engine will immediately start.

If you have a Ford car, the starter solenoid is located on the right side of the fender close to the battery. It is located under the steering wheel on GM cars.

Unlock the Steering Wheel

Push the flat screwdriver between your column and the wheel. Push the lock pin out of your way. If you want it to work, push as hard as possible. The solenoid will be visible beneath the lock pins when they either break or trigger an alarm.

Join the Solenoid To The Positive Battery Terminal

The solenoid will have a small wire on its top, while the cable for the battery is below. Use an insulated screwdriver to disconnect the ignition switch wire from the solenoid.

Connect the battery positive terminal with the ignition switch’s connecting point. This will allow 12 volts from the battery to flow and activate the solenoid. If done correctly, the engine will make a start sound and come to life.

Do not play with the wire under the steering wheel

2. Do not play with the wire under the steering wheel

Remove the plastic covers from the steering column

Another way to hotwire your car is to use this method. Use a screwdriver to remove the steering column. To access the panel, remove the cover.

You can break the lock pins on older cars. You can do this by inserting a flathead screwdriver into the keyhole and then hitting it with a hammer. If your vehicle has the built-in capability, it may be challenging to do manually.

Locate the Right Bundle Of Wire

After the plastic covering is removed, you’ll see the bundles of cables. As long as you can identify the correct roll of wire, this shouldn’t be a problem. There are three standard bundles. All you have to do is find the wiring connector.

The wire connecting to the starter, ignition, or battery is called the wiring harness connector. The wiring harness connector links to the steering column, which you already know is the start area. Read the car manual to understand the differences between the wires within the panel.

The wire bundle should be removed from the starter, battery, and ignition switch. The starter wire supplies power to the ignition switch. The other two are for the starter or ignition wires. There will be wires in a variety of colors. However, the manual will help identify them.

If the ignition is not working, the starter wire may be yellowed, and the red color is for the battery. To avoid costly errors, always refer to the manual. You could be electrocuted if you touch the wires.

Join the wires together by removing about an inch of insulation. To keep them from touching any metal around the car, wrap them in insulation tape. This will allow the vehicle to turn on by connecting to the ignition section.

Connect the On/Off Wire to The Battery

The dashboard and other components show signs of electrical power. You can listen to the radio at this stage. You must cross the starting wire if you wish to drive your car from your garage.

Sparking the starter wire can be dangerous, so take all precautions. Please remove the ignition wire and ensure you don’t touch them. Let the spark fly by connecting the cables of the battery.

You can start the car immediately and drive it right away. This is a quick and easy way to hotwire your car.

Rev The Engine A Few Times

To get the car to start:

  • Rev the engine several times.
  • If you prefer, disconnect the starter wire and continue driving.
  • Once you’re done, disconnect the ignition and battery wires to stop the engine.

Essential: The Steering Column Method

This method may seem simple and quick, but keep these tips in mind.

Safety gloves, a screwdriver and electrical tape, are all you need.

You should not attempt to steal a car if you aren’t the owner. False entry can trigger an alarm and could lead to car theft.

Before you use this method, make sure to check the owner’s guide.

This vital advice is essential to remember. It can cause severe damage to your steering column and shifting mechanism.

Make a hole in the Lock Area

3. Make a hole in the Lock Area

You may have wondered how to hotwire your car using a screwdriver. This is the first method, but you can use any other suitable technique depending on your car’s model. Now, let’s look at how to hotwire your car by drilling a hole into the lock area.

Place the Drill On The Keyhole

Place a drill on the keyhole and let it drill inward. The purpose of the exercise is to break the pins and make it easier to unlock the keyhole with a screwdriver. This method is used if you genuinely have lost your car keys.

The key should not be more than the drill bit. Each lock pin has two sections. They are located before the metal spring. You can drill a bit, then take the drill out and shoot again to align the pieces.

Put in the Screwdriver

You don’t need to push the screwdriver further because the pins are already broken. The screwdriver should be turned clockwise, just like a key, to start the engine. This method is excellent, but anyone can use a screwdriver to get into the car and drive it away.

Other Tips

To ensure your car does not stall, rev the engine several times, so you don’t have a new start.

If this doesn’t work or you are in an emergency, use a cordless drill to drill into the keyhole approximately the same length as your key. The locking pins may be removed from the exercise several times while shooting. Take the drill out, insert the screwdriver and turn it. Now your engine should be running.

Turn off your car by untwisting the batteries and ignition wires you have connected in step 3.

Remember that you can hotwire your car, but it will not allow you to drive the car straight. Many cars have a steering lock feature that prevents them from being driven.


1. Is it possible to hotwire cars today?

It is possible to hotwire cars today, mainly if they were built before the mid-90s. Modern vehicles can be hotwired, but it isn’t easy. However, don’t hotwire a current car unless you are a thief or a criminal.

Hot wiring is dangerous and challenging in new cars built with safer technology. You can lock yourself out by getting a new key fob or having a professional do it. You could endanger the electrical components of your car.

2. Is it legal to hotwire your vehicle?

Hotwiring your car is legal. If others detect your car alarm, you must have proof of ownership. Even if your car alarm is set off, you will still have evidence of ownership.

3. Is it possible to start a car using a screwdriver?

A screwdriver can be used to start a car. Ensure the keyhole is drilled in the car and have the screwdriver on hand. Repeat this process until all lock pins have been destroyed.

The screwdriver can be removed and reinserted as a key. Scroll down for a detailed explanation of how to hotwire your car using a screwdriver.

4. What happens if you hotwire your car?

Hotwiring a car will make it run without the need for a key. It will take you to your destination. You don’t want to injure yourself or cause damage to other parts of the car if you don’t have the proper tools.

5. How long does it take for a hotwire to be installed on a car?

Hotwiring a car takes anywhere from 3-10 minutes. Depending on how you approach it, your knowledge and the equipment available, it can take longer or shorter.

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