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How to restore grey plastic bumpers

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How to Restore Grey Plastic Bumpers

Do you ever feel like your car constantly needs to be washed? Has it gotten to the point where your bumpers have completely turned into a different color from all of the wear and tear? Getting your car washed and detailed professionally can be a super expensive habit; however, you can do it all on your own – including fixing those bumpers! All it takes is a little faith, trust and some special products! 

Restoring Grey Bumpers Back to Grey

Now, if you go to research how to restore your grey bumpers, you’ll mostly find results on how to restore them to a black color (hint: you should skip to the next section if that’s exactly what you’re looking for); but, I figured I’d give you the secret on how to restore your grey bumpers back to a grey color first since that’s a lot harder to find! I also may be biased because I myself have grey bumpers, but that’s beside the point.

First, get that arm grease ready to scrub all of the dirt and gunk off of your bumpers. Then, before moving on to the main event, make sure the entire area you’re restoring is dry so that you can apply the secret weapon. You have one of two options as to who your bumpers’ new best friend will be: you can choose between Wurth Plastic Dye – Plast PT or Meguiar’s Gold Class Vinyl and Rubber Protectant. That’s all it takes! Just put one layer of either of those protectants on your bumper, let it sit for anywhere from twenty minutes to a half-hour, wash it off and voilà! Your bumpers will look as good as new for months and months to come!

Another little trick that a few folks have used (which is not as popular, but also seems to be effective) is a little more unique, but will save you a few bucks if you don’t want to buy the specialty products. If you’re feeling crafty and own a heat gun, some car owners suggest you grab it and heat up your bumpers with it on any heating level you feel comfortable with; naturally, the higher you choose, the quicker it will take. This heating method darkens your bumpers back to their original dark grey color! This method will not last as long as the professional products will, but it does come in handy if you’re looking to not spend any extra money on your car!

 Restoring Grey Bumpers Back to Black

Hello to those who skipped to this section and to all who have read this article all the way through! Now that I’ve given out the secret on how to get a fresh, new, grey bumper, here are some fun tips on how to revert your greying bumpers back to their original black color!

Just like I talked about before, there are several products that you can use to restore your greying bumpers back to their original black color. Some of these products include Meguiar’s Ultimate Black Plastic Restorer, TriNova Plastic and Trim Restorer, Forever Black and many, MANY others. All you have to do is wash your bumpers until they’re as clean as can be, dry them up, apply a layer of your product of choice and take it off after 20-30 minutes of sitting! Your bumpers will look brand new and you did it from the comfort of your own driveway – a true win-win situation.

There are several other ways you can restore your bumpers back to black that are super quirky, one of these ways including a snack I can almost guarantee you have in your pantry. I’m referring to… peanut butter! Yes, you heard me right ladies and gents – peanut butter! The oils in this household treat have restorative powers that will bring that color right back to life; the only issues are that it’s a bit messy and it will leave your car smelling like a Reese’s but hey, it could be a pretty fun way to brighten those bumpers.

Just like with the grey bumpers I wrote about before, a heat gun can also be used to restore your black bumpers. Just apply the heating gun to the bumpers at any level of heat (I recommend putting it on medium/high in order to finish the job quicker, but the low setting will eventually do the trick as well) and watch your bumpers darken on the spot!

If none of these methods seem to be up your alley, you don’t have the materials handy or you just want an easy fix for your bumpers because you don’t care too much, I have a really easy solution for you: paint! Yes, this really is quite the shortcut. Just buy a shade of black paint that suits your fancy, grab your paint brush and get at it! This isn’t an actual fix to the problem at hand, but it will work just fine if you aren’t too concerned with the long-term results or you just want to take the easiest route possible.

No matter which method you try and no matter what color you’re trying to revert back to, all of the ones I’ve listed in this article are cheaper than going to get your car professionally detailed. You’ll save time and money if you make the choice to make this task a DIY project and you’ll also feel real proud of yourself for accomplishing something you wouldn’t normally do! SO, next time you notice the back of your car is looking a little old and worn out, go grab your heat gun or your peanut butter and make your vehicle look brand new!

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